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Samahara Lobatón denies Yuna’s call for calling her traitorous web ojo farándula |  eye width

Samahara Lobatón denies Yuna’s call for calling her traitorous web ojo farándula | eye width

I fancy it! Samara Lubaton He did not feel like it and contacted the Magaly TV show La Firme live to deny his ex-partner, Yanawho accused her of treason. second daughter Melissa Kluge She was furious and reminded her daughter’s father of all the times he would have betrayed.

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Samahra accused Yona of playing the victim. He also revealed in front of Magali’s cameras that his daughter’s father was tearfully begging him not to continue. relationship. The young influencer indicated that she was disappointed in the barber and made it clear that she was single woman Since last Sunday.

Samahrah Lobaton by Yona

Yona gave an interview to Magali program on Tuesday night 20 June. Callao’s barber revealed it Samahara Loubaton maintained alleged “compromising talks”. with another while working. However, the influencer did not hesitate to call the program to deprive her daughter’s father.

“Good afternoon, my fieldThe truth is, it saddens me a lot to see a man in the “victim” position, when he really isn’t. Doesn’t he remember everything he did to me? Doesn’t he remember how many times I’ve had to put up with being called crazy on national TV because he thinks he’s so lively when he talks to women?Samahra said at first.

The young mother pointed out that Yona cheated on her on multiple occasions, and indicated that everything she did was celibate. “How many times has he turned to me. c.Magali, you did something, you did it singlehandedly. I I’ve been celibate since last Sunday when he called me crying, begging me to retract the messageThat’s why I did it, because I cried. He lied“, he added. In addition, the young woman said that today, Wednesday, June 21, she will tell all her truth on the “Urraca” program.

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