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Massive party after seeing Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 race

Massive party after seeing Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 race

Shakira rejoices in the 2023 Formula 1 season. In the midst of a monotonous tournament, in which the dominance of Dutchman Max Verstappen heralds a new title to his name, the singer from Barranquilla has caught all eyes with his recent visits to the “ring”.

And rumors about an alleged relationship with Lewis Hamiltonthe cool character of Mercedes, added something “spicy” to the “show” of the world’s highest motorsport class.

After appearing at the Miami GP, Shakira “didn’t save anything” for the races of Spain and Silverstone. At first, present after his children left with ex-player Gerard Pique, the party photos he attended with the senior guests at the Grand Prix celebration drew attention.

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And now, after breaking into racing in Great Britain, they meet again Pictures of Shakira at what could have been an amazing party after seeing Lewis Hamilton achieve another podium in Formula 1.

(You can read: Shakira and the video giving it away: in the paddock and next to Lewis Hamilton).

Shakira is stunning after seeing Hamilton

to the race at Silverstone, Shakira arrived with a “look” very similar to Hamilton.

(Hamilton speaks: Lewis Hamilton lifts his chest for the ‘Shakira effect’: The success of the pilot before the singer.)

Wearing a ‘top’ with a corset, the woman from Barranquilla decided to wear leather pants, with wide boots, as Hamilton, a hipster of fashion, used in other F1 events.

This is in addition to wearing square-frame sunglasses.

(“I didn’t go to steal”: Juan Fernando Quintero replies after harsh words from “Bolelo”).

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Then, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, it was time to party.

Shakira had arrived at the prestigious Chiltern Firehouse, one of the most luxurious restaurants in London, after watching the race at Silverstone.

(Millionaires are changing the ticketing system after more than a decade; that’s how it will work now.)

Pictures show that he preferred the casual “look”. His “dress” was relaxed: he wore “jeans” and a black blouse.

And according to “Infobae” citing other reports, Shakira “was up until the wee hours of the morning having fun with her friends”.

Previously, Shakira was photographed at the exit of the same venue.

And despite the rumours, no meeting with Hamilton in England has been confirmed.

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