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VIDEO: Raúl de Molina’s daughter interviews her father exclusively on Univision’s “El gordo y la Flaca”

VIDEO: Raúl de Molina’s daughter interviews her father exclusively on Univision’s “El gordo y la Flaca”

El Gordo y la Flaca shared an exclusive interview with Mía de Molina as host of the space. You can see him in the video interviewing his father on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the popular Univision show. The conversation proceeded naturally, with the young woman seeming completely at ease in her role as interviewer.

They talked about the beginning of the show and the first program and how Raoul participated exclusively in the same program and the birth of his daughter 23 years ago.

The conversation with Mia was interesting because she inquired about her father’s life given his relationship with some celebrities. She even asked him if he would have married Ninel Conde, for example, if he had not married his mother, Milly, from Molina. The driver agreed, smiling, that if he had not married Millie, he would probably have remained single.

Mia, for her part, was very funny, even telling her father that no one would want to marry him if he stayed single.

Mia took the opportunity to ask if he and Lily had a good relationship from the beginning. Raoul stressed that his partner is like a sister, and his daughter said: “Of course, Aunt Lily.” The interviewer emphasized that one of the show’s great achievements is that they’ve been together for 25 years, and Raul noted that this point is really a success since Univision and other networks are constantly changing hosts.

Catch the full interview here:

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