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Bad Bunny models of women's handbags, and criticism is pouring out against homosexuals and sexists

Bad Bunny models of women’s handbags, and criticism is pouring out against homosexuals and sexists

bad bunny He once again demonstrated that there are no barriers to fashion, so much so that this time he was chosen to design women’s handbags from various exclusive and recognized brands in the fashion world.

“Bad Rabbit” magazine style today Vogue magazine She featured many women’s handbags from luxury brands, but many of her followers didn’t like the act very much and she was showered with numerous anti-gay comments.

Bad Bunny isn’t afraid to play with his style and the way he wears it, in fact, he always defies fashion rules by wearing skirts or heels, and when it comes to continuing to celebrate his career, he also has no problem delivering on fashion trends. of bags.

Namely, Vogue magazine presented her in the fashion department with the most desirable bags from well-known brands such as Alexander McQueen, Lowe, Louis Vuitton s channel, All combined with their sneakers Adidas which are in upgrade.

But, unfortunately, there will always be people who do not agree with the way they are, and this was no exception.

“You are not a woman to use these professions,” “Male has a dignity you don’t have,” “You do it only to sell,” “You shit out of your way of being androgynous,” “Act like a man of truth behaves.” These were just some of the comments Bad Bunny received for designing these exclusive luxury bags for this season.

What do you think of the criticism Bad Bunny has received for designing women’s handbags?