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Kim Kardashian celebrates at the beach in a black swimsuit

Kim Kardashian celebrates at the beach in a black swimsuit

once again coqueta . effect American businesswoman Kim kardashian, the happiest of his millions of followers on Instagram, thanks to his latest posts from the beach with black bathing suit I was in a party!

As usual for Kanye West’s ex-wife, who by the way still doesn’t want to let her go despite the fact that they both already have a partner, she decided to wear a two-piece swimsuit, not for nothing. Kim kardashian She is the internet’s favorite supermodel.

The businesswoman and owner of important makeup and clothing companies, as well as corsets, constantly leaves her fans with good taste in their mouths by sharing rather revealing content.

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Although in reality he is always quite careful with his posts, to prevent the app from removing his content for breaking the rules, as happened with other important celebrities like Anna Sherry.

Kim Kardashian always looks perfect in her posts and almost any photo | EFE

In these new photos, which are by the way only two, she shows us her adorable figure in a black two-piece swimsuit, in the first photo of her sitting in the sand, her torso raised with her hands and one of her legs folded, and she also wears a black hat and glasses.

Without a doubt, this is one of her most attractive poses, especially as it highlights her curvy body, which has been an inspiration to millions.

In her second picture we already see her lying in the sand, her arms outstretched and only wearing a pair of glasses, for this new position she bent one of her legs again, but without lifting it, making her figure appear stylized again.

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In his description he mentions that in beach partyAlthough no one else was around, he might have stepped back a bit to take this little photo.

It’s been nine hours since he shared it and it’s less than a hundred thousand likes from reaching three million red hearts.

Conflict with Kanye West for their breakup

Almost a year after their break up Kim kardashian And Kanye West has had some confrontations, although not direct, rather indirect or comments to the rapper confirming that she is still his wife.

For two months, Kim began a relationship with Pete Davidson and for his part Kanye West was dating a beautiful young woman, though he never took his foot off the line and came to mention that God willing, he and Kardashian should be together.

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