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Bad Bunny has broken a major record with a new album that “casts” Colombian artists

Bad Bunny has broken a major record with a new album that “casts” Colombian artists


“Nobody Knows What Tomorrow Will Happen” New Album by bad bunny, It offers something to talk about after its launch on Friday.

Album It became the most streamed song on Spotify in a single day so far in 2023Which reaffirms the popularity of Puerto Ricans around the world.

“Benito has done it again,” Spotify said in a statement citing the “Bad Bunny” achievement. October 13th.

The artist aspires to be the most listened to on the platform this year, just as he did in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

actually In July 2023 his album Summer without you It became the most streamed song of all time on Spotify all over the world.

References about Colombian artists

in this occasion, The phrase “No one knows what tomorrow will happen” has sparked controversy due to references to Colombian artists.

In the song Thunder and lightningnext to Eladio Carrión, Bad Bunny expresses: “I released a record, hehe, no one notices (no!) I released my record and everyone sees it” // “While being friends with everyone like Balvin.”He says it in a disdainful way.

The fact is notable because Balvin was a mainstay in Bad Bunny’s early career, so much so that they released the joint album Oasis in 2019.

Karol G was referenced in the song Vuelve Candy B In which he sings “Hey, I work in PR, which is where the real mistakes come from.”

in this subject Los Beats refers to Shakira And the song “Bazra Music Sessions Volume 53”, in which he modified the famous chorus: “The woman no longer cries, the woman is a bill.” “Now men are crying, yes, but without stopping the bills.”

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Likewise, in his new album the singer does a duet with Feid (Ferxxo) in the song Black dogWhich alludes to the famous Paisa nightclub.

Bad Bunny Characters on Spotify

There is no doubt that the “bad bunny” is currently ruling the roost on the platform, and in this sense Spotify has issued interesting statements in this regard:

For example, He is the singer with the largest number of songs that have reached more than a billion views in Spotify’s Billion Club.

Dakiti It is the most played song in the app, With over a billion, this one is followed I love it, I porto bonito And the song.

next to, The countries where they listen to their music the most are, in order, Mexico, the United States, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.