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"Back to Back": This is the opinion of the producer of "Light Year" in the face of criticism

“Back to Back”: This is the opinion of the producer of “Light Year” in the face of criticism

Pixar’s new production “Lightyear” of the Toy Story series has sparked various criticisms and reactions among users, as the film contains an LGBTTIQ+ scene, polarizing people’s opinions. in different CountriesThe film, mostly Muslim, was canceled, prompting producer Jalen Sussman to call the states that censored the film back.

This is because, in “Lightyear,” a scene where two women kiss was included.

We were warned that this could happen. But Sussman wasn’t trading the film we wanted for a few countries with reactionary views, to put it mildly.”

“We made our movie and they don’t want to see it. No problem,” he said.

The producer said that the discussion about the film seemed absurd to her, as she confirmed that Disney included painful scenes for children in its films, as is the case with Bambi where the mother dies.

Personally, I did not want my children, when they were young, to watch films where the mother dies. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what’s okay to watch together as a family.”

Controversial cause in Peru

After receiving criticism, a major chain of cinemas in Peru withdrew, on Saturday, a warning that it had added to the synopsis of the Disney animated film “Lightyear”, which was shown in Peruvian theaters on Friday, June 17.

Cineplanet, owned by the Peruvian conglomerate Intercorp, is a chain of cinemas in Peru and Chile. During the premiere, he had placed a warning in the synopsis of “Lightyear” next to theaters and on the website of the Peruvian audience, stating that the film “contains scenes with a gender ideology”.

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The controversy reached social networking sites and prompted the company to withdraw the warning today and regret its mistake through its official account on Twitter.

“This fact does not represent our values ​​and culture of diversity, equality and inclusion, which we promote as a company, which is why we have withdrawn this message as soon as it has been identified,” Cineplanet tweeted.

The network did not place the warning on its website or in cinemas for the Chilean audience. Cineplanet has not explained why it is doing this in Peru and not in Chile.

“Lightyear” has also sparked controversy in other countries, including 13 countries and the Palestinian Territories, where the Pixar movie in which actor Chris Evans voices the character who inspired astronaut hero Buzz Lightyear was banned from the “Toy Story” tapes. “