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Shakira's new look everyone's been talking about

Shakira’s new look everyone’s been talking about

On June 17, Shakira released a new song with David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas titled ‘do not worry Which, according to his followers, promises to be a global hit for this season.

This year, the artist hit the headlines again for different situations: one of them is an investigation by a court that says so Shakira reportedly stopped paying taxes in Spain in 2012, 2013 and 2014, despite her claims to do so.

Then release his collaboration with Rao Alejandro with the song ‘our end’ This was echoed by hundreds of his followers who expressed their support through comments such as the following:

“Shakira is literally the queen of Latin pop. Her talent, beauty and love for music make her the best singer, not only in Colombia, but in the whole world”; “I knew this song would be He hits world, I was not mistaken ”; “Shakira is amazing, she is the artist who currently has the most watched videos in Spanish (…), As well as the most watched English video featuring an artist. Both are in the top 15 on YouTube.

It should be remembered that to date, the musical production has collected almost 140 million views on the social network.

Continuing, his separation from Gerard Pique spread all over the world. International media speculated the participation of the Spanish in several Parties in which he is believed to have been unfaithful to Barranquellera.

Added to the above is speculation made in recent days by journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Velazquez, better known as Marazis who work for Newspaper After they allegedly saw Pique with another woman they referred to her as a “special friend”.

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“Pique and his special friend were seen in a complicit and affectionate attitude early Thursday morning in a town on the Catalan coast,” Callers confirmed.

Likewise, they did not confirm their statements with videos or photos, but according to them, their sources would have seen the Spaniard with another woman.

However, Shakira did not stop recognizing her talent in various events, one of them, Ivor Academy He highlighted the Colombian for being one of the most influential and important Latin singers in the world.

New and new song a look from Barranquilla

Meanwhile, heBarranquellera showed a face that seemingly conquers every single one of her situations, as she allowed him to appear in a video “do not worry”Where he appears with someone else a lookAnd the Related to other genre and well-known artists such as DJ David Guetta and American group Black Eyed Peas.

This song has so far exceeded 3 and a half million views.

“There are songs that have the magic of transporting you into the past and this is one of them for me. Thank you, I love him and he fills me with many memories and nostalgia But it’s also a very happy song,” one netizen wrote after listening to the single.

In the video “Spatial” she is seen as conservative and cautious, but at the same time talented, Well, the Colombian appears in different costumes and roles that only emphasize her talent for dancing and singing.

It must be remembered that this is not the first time that Shakira has collaborated with performers pump itBecause in 2020, the celebrity surprised her fans with girl like me, a The song has over 580 million views on YouTube.

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