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Comedian Otto Ortiz seeks legal advice to sue a Cuban government company

Comedian Otto Ortiz seeks legal advice to sue a Cuban government company

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Cuban star comedian Otto Ortiz has sought legal advice to sue the government entity Empresa de Seguros Nacionales, ESEN, which has been waiting for months to hear back from him regarding his car.

Ortiz coined a phrase from Raul Castro to show the hypocrisy and double standards of Cuban state-owned companies.

“From time to time, and more often than I would like, I put in a phrase from Raúl, the phrase by which all images, which appear to be little more than posters or caricatures, of the leaders of this country must be governed. ESEN is concerned, with its Board of Directors The entire company puts the socialist company in a very bad light, as it signs contracts and enters into agreements that it cannot fulfill for years, and it knows this, and even devotes itself to meeting with its dissatisfied customers to save them. “Time and prolonging his suffering,” Ortiz began.

The comedian left several recommendations to the state insurance company: “In a country where importing cars is no longer a crime, in a country where a large number of cars taken from rental are sent to a designated destination for disassembly for sale.” In a country where parking lots are full of unused cars, it is absurd that this company, ESEN, continues with the same rhetoric from years ago without giving a concrete response. ESEN, don’t fool us anymore, remove the vehicle exchange from your insurance method, comply with what you have, and then try again.”

The artist requested legal advice to sue the aforementioned entity: “If anyone knows a lawyer, or any way through which I can sue the aforementioned company, please let me know. According to the constitution, I have the right to do so. I have the right to sue any leader or company that does not adhere to what is decided by the court for poor work or breach of contract. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who has done this. I hope to be the first, but not the last.

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“The speeches are very beautiful, and the posters they put on the streets are beautiful, but the reality is very strong, and very far from what is said. The comedian added: “This country, this people, deserves respect. This is the least they can do for us. We have done and are doing enough for them.”

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