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Margherita Rosa de Francisco explained why she lives away from Colombia

Margherita Rosa de Francisco explained why she lives away from Colombia

The famous actress and singer Margherita Rosa de Francisco once again referred to one of the issues for which she is usually criticized on social networks every time she thinks or talks about what is happening in the country (place of her residence). Thus, he said why he did not reside in Colombia for several years.

Far from any political or economic motive, the decision led by this recognized artist with novels like coffeeAnd the rooster ramirez also The sins of Aeneas HinojosaRemember, he lives in the United States because someone stole his heart and that’s why he left.

After consulting a user known as @Alexandra74vet on Twitter, who consulted “I want to know why you live so far from Colombia?” (sic), de Francesco replied: “Because I fell in love with a Dutch man 12 years ago and we live together.”

But this woman asserted: “I have not severed my relations with Colombia in any way.” This is reflected in his continuous opinions and comments through his opinion columns in various media and messages on social networking sites, where he constantly talks about what is happening in the country.

Likewise, in another triad, keep that In no time did he break his roots with the country in which he was born And that, although he lives far from Colombia, he should not forget: “I have my house, my beloved family and my company there. There I pay salaries and taxes. “

Margarita Rosa de Francisco’s explanation of why she did not live in the country where she was born has sparked multiple reactions on social networks, many criticizing or supporting her for this decision; Accumulating over 1,500 reactions in less than four hours.

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In a fight with God?

Only a few days ago, this artist was once again in the eye of the hurricane for a controversial trailer in which she revealed part of her religious beliefs, Especially with regard to God, which is a thorny topic for many Colombians.

The post sparked endless comments against him, since the residents of Colombia Most of it is religious. In addition to this, she has also been criticized for the tweets she has left in the past in which she seems to contradict herself.

This time, on his Twitter account, he issued an advice to his followers and wrote: “People: Do not tire yourselves with God because a man (is a man) does not care about us.”

Several users responded to the actress in disagreement, Especially the faithful faithful. One of the comments reads: “You don’t have to believe in religion, but there is a higher power that rules the universe and inhabits nature and all living things. Have you read about Spinoza’s god? Einstein’s answer when asked if he believes in God. One user said ‘We’re just in the process of evolution’.”

As is known, through her official Twitter account, the actress publishes her opinions on various topics, criticizing and mocking personalities that she believes are worthy of a peep. However, this is not the first time he has addressed this issue.