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Azkoitia organizes four free science workshops for school children

Azquita – Next week, girls and boys from Azkoitia aged 8-12 will have the opportunity to participate in some interesting free workshops organized by the Aizkibel Municipal Library with the dual aim of encouraging schoolchildren to love science while giving them the opportunity to expand their skills. Knowing outside the classroom and learning while having fun.

The science workshops will take place from 2-5 November and each will host two shifts (5.30pm and 7pm). Those wishing to participate can register at the library or by calling the phone number 943850898.

Workshops First of all, the library will host the workshop on Tuesday save the planet, where participants will learn, in a very practical way, how science can help develop and improve transportation (they will be taught how hydrogen cars work).

In one day there will be a workshop Blue oceans, oil slicks, which will serve to understand the effects and consequences of chemical spills (difficulties of cleaning up oil spills will be presented).

The workshop will take place on the fourth day astronomy (Participants will learn about the difficulties of adapting inside a space suit) and in the fifth it will be their turn Mineral Germany; A workshop to learn about the geological formation processes and the physical properties of rocks and minerals.

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