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'Few people die from COVID after vaccination' says Dominican doctor.

‘Few people die from COVID after vaccination’ says Dominican doctor.

the doctor Eric PerezThanks to the number of people vaccinated in New York City, cases of COVID-19 are down, to the point where they are no longer seeing patients daily in intensive care wards, a pulmonologist and intensive care specialist at Queens Presbyterian Hospital confirmed this Tuesday.

The pulmonologist said there are a few cases of vaccinated people who, once in the ICU, die from COVID-19.

“The vaccine remains so far the most effective solution against COVID-19.”Perez said.

He said that although they receive people of all nationalities, Hispanic and African Americans are still among the group most dying from the aforementioned disease.

However, Perez noted that science is still investigating the behavior of the disease, since there are a large number of patients who enter intensive care wards for COVID-19 without any kind of comorbidities, and die from it.

“It is something that science still has no explanation for, and for sure when that happens we will know. But we have had patients in their twenties and thirties who died without any medical conditions,” said Dr. Perez.

Eric Perez is a specialist in pulmonology and intensive care at Queen’s Presbyterian Hospital. He is associate director of the fellowship in pulmonology and critical care and assistant professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine.

He studied medicine at the University of Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and in 2009 moved to New York City to do his residency and specialization at Queen’s Hospital, which belongs to the Mount Sinai Hospital System, then moved to Presbyterian Hospital, where he currently has his medical practice.

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Perez spoke with free magazine About his work as Associate Professor and Director of Scholarships, they receive students from all over the world who are interested in majoring in pulmonology.

“Here in this hospital in Queens, we have a few Dominicans who specialize in pulmonology, but I’m sure there are Dominican doctors in other hospitals in the city who specialize in other areas of medicine,” Dr. Perez said.