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Athletes recovery miracle or effective medicine?

Athletes recovery miracle or effective medicine?

By Boris Alexander Cruz Caballero

10/30/2021 – 7:30 AM

Injuries to the elite athletes, undoubtedly treated differently, racing against time is vital to trying to return the athlete as quickly as possible to the sporting activity they represent at the time.

In this episode, we will introduce you to the most amazing returns of elite athletes that have occurred in the world of sports.

Have you ever wondered why an elite athlete suffers a similar injury to the one you sustained while playing the same sport, recovers in a matter of weeks and you are in two and even three months?

Orthopedic doctor at the Foot and Ankle Unit in Seville, Spain, Sergio Tijero sees:

“The biological, physical, and often natural conditions for recovery from injury tend to be greater in professional athletes.”

Here are five factors that make a difference:


When injured professional athletes recover throughout the day, non-professional athletes will have to go to work or, at best, use that time to rehab. “Spending 8 hours at work and seeing a physical therapist in the late afternoon isn’t the same as going to a physical therapist at 9 a.m., then doing a workout at the gym and then working with a physical therapist again,” Tejiro explains. .

Human Resources

Athletes will always work with professionals, generally top notch, and will fully enhance their recovery. “The media comes first,” physiotherapist Marco Aurelio Toral highlights. “Amateur athletes have to go to a clinic, see a doctor, a physiotherapist or a physical trainer, and a lot of times they don’t have these things, or just these things. However, professional athletes have all this multidisciplinary team at their disposal.” “

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Knowing the player himself

In addition to having the means, elite experts often already know the recovery process. He has a multidisciplinary team and knows what to do.

equipment and technology

Professional athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo always have the best equipment, from different surfaces (pools, earth, grass, sand) at every stage of their recovery, to the latest technology available like hyperbaric chambers, growth factors, or gravity altering, that is An antigravity is a device that allows you to stay injured and be physically active.


There is also a motivating factor. In the example of Cristiano Ronaldo this advantage is obvious but valid for any professional, the goal of the athlete is the championship, the medal, the game, his job is to get up at seven and he is already thinking about recovering and going to the physiotherapist. Amateurs sometimes feel recovery is an assumption.

Below is an example of elite athletes who have recovered from injuries in surprising ways throughout their sporting career.

Marc Marquez suffered a hard landing at the Jerez GP on July 19, 2020, where he was injured after being hit by his Honda in a crash in what was his first world championship race.

Two days later he underwent surgery and doctors announced that his recovery would be long, but announced on July 22 that he was ready to return.

Cristiano Ronaldo suffered an injury while playing with his team in Portugal and Serbia and doctors gave him at least two weeks off, but after fourteen days Cristiano Ronaldo played in the Juventus match against Ajax in the Champions League for 90 minutes.

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Valentino Rossi fractured his tibia and fibula in his right leg in 2017, and doctors at the time indicated he would miss the whole year and be away from the MotoGP circuit, but his recovery was quick and he was back at work 19 days after surgery. ..

Striker Luis Suarez experienced two meteoric recovery in his career, the first was before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and there were three weeks left before the start of the World Cup and Suarez was injured, but he managed to recover and played in Uruguay’s second match against England by scoring two goals.

Another serious injury Luis Suarez suffered was while playing for Barcelona against Real Madrid where he could not continue the match and they were very close to the 2018 World Cup in Russia but the Uruguayan managed to recover in time and played the entire World Cup. with Uruguay.

If the high-level athletes before you recover, it will be partly because of their exceptional physical conditions, but mainly because they dedicate themselves to sports full time and do it with the best means available.