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Juan Armando Flores reports on work in the health sciences

Juan Armando Flores reports on work in the health sciences

In accordance with the Basic Law and General Statutes, the Coordinator of the Academic Council of the District of Health Sciences, Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, presented his work report at a session of the Academic Council of the District on Saturday.

After the opening of the session, the Academic Coordinator of the Health Sciences District, Anayansen Acuña Ruiz, made the roll call and asked the Coordinator, Armando Flores de la Torre, to deliver the report to Student America Gabriela Moreno Lozano, representing the members of the said council.

After congratulating the Coordinator, Rector Rubén de Jesus Ibarra Reyes thanked everyone for “pushing this institution to continue being the great institution that it is”; He stressed that the efforts made in a solid and important way to overcome the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 coronavirus and not remove them, but learn from them to build a better society, have to do with the work done in this field. Knowledge.

Careful and fundamental work was carried out in the field of health care, infection prevention and care for the injured, in all respects, because “the university is as broad as human imagination can be,” the rector highlighted.

He noted that in 2018, a process began to respond to the problem of unaccepted students, and the outcome was the creation of a common classroom and the creation of four new educational programmes. With the arrival of COVID, academic operations were delayed and this administration’s arrival in February 2021 decided not only to continue, but to deepen the process of self-transformation of the institution.

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“UAZ has never stopped, never been under its arms, it has responded to confinement where humanity has had to surrender, and we have done in the cloud all the academic, scientific, technological and human activity of the enterprise.”

After watching the video that provides an account of the substantive activities carried out under the coordination of the Academic Council of the District of Health Sciences, the coordinator Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, when using his voice, expressed that the report was named 0.75 in recognition of all the dead in the epidemic.

He highlighted the work done jointly with the four directors who thanked them for promoting all the projects, “This field has maintained indicators of quality and academic competitiveness and today the four academic units meet through their program directors with hard and continuous work in the work of accreditation and evaluation by external peers.”

His appreciation of research educators for maintaining indicators such as the National Scholar National System (SNI), the PRODEP Profile and Academic Bodies, which continues to increase, extends to four years ago there were three standardized academic bodies in the region, and today there are eight.

Flores de Torre also praised the work of the three laboratories serving the Zacatecan community regarding SARS CoV2, as well as Dr. Margarita Martínez Fierro who was recently incorporated into the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

“In these nineteen months of the pandemic, we realized that the university is not the buildings, laboratories and fields. The university is students, teachers and workers,” he emphasized.

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The ceremony was attended by Secretary-General Angel Roman Gutierrez. Academic Secretary, Hans Hiram Pacheco García, and Director of the Academic Nursing Unit, Roxana Araujo Espino, as well as program directors, teachers and staff.