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ATEG awards UJI Technical Office for Business and Projects for Phase I of College of Health Sciences

ATEG awards UJI Technical Office for Business and Projects for Phase I of College of Health Sciences

The Technical Office for Business and Projects of the University of Jaume I of Castelló has been awarded the Special Asturiana de Zinc Award for Phase I of the Faculty of Health Sciences by the Spanish Technical Society of Galvanizing.

The College of Health Sciences is located on plots 24 and 25 of the campus, and is made up of five buildings. The first phase included three buildings: MI 1 Research, located on the northwest edge of the plot; The building in which the central, public and administrative services of the college are concentrated (MD0) and the teaching halls building (MD1).

Working with galvanized steel is a cross-sectional task involving all agents in the construction process who, under the technical direction of OTOP, provided technical assistance for the project: GAD Arquitectura, VALNU Servicios de Ingeniería, Rema Medioambiente, Casartek; As contractors: Becsa, Electrotecnia Monrabal and Veolia Servicios Lecam; As steel workshops: Coime, Talleres Antón Ruíz, Tamecasa; As a galvanizing company: GALESA (Valencian Galvanizer).

The other winners are Ponte Pedonal Suspensa 516 Arouca (Portugal) from ITECONS, which received the first ATEG 2021 Architecture and Construction Otilio García and AA308 Rehabilitation Award in Lyon from MCVR Estudio, which took the second prize.

The jury for this edition of the ATEG Awards is composed of Natalia Bielsa, Technical Secretary of CSCAE (Supreme Council of Colleges of Architects in Spain), Marta Perez and José Toral, winners of the latest edition, from Peris + Toral Arquitectos, and President of ATEG, Manuel Lopez Camanyo, who Highlight the quality and innovation of 16 unique projects submitted from Spain and Portugal.

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ATEG, the Spanish Technical Society for Galvanizing, periodically awards the award recognizing the best works in which galvanized steel has been used in Spain and Portugal, the 2021 ATEG Architecture and Construction Awards Otilio García, which includes the Asturiana Special Zinc Award.

The ATEG Awards promote the benefits of using galvanized steel as a base material in circular and climate-neutral Europe, due to its reusability and durability. In addition, they value the project’s integration and compatibility with its environment, and of course the project’s design and implementation.