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Enerside Sciences wins tough rugby 14-20

Enerside Sciences wins tough rugby 14-20

Enerside Sciences beat Intxausti Gernika Group 14-20 in a tight, high intensity match in which locals played for redemption and sold the defeat to the final whistle for Mr Muñoz

Today, Manuel Mazo’s men wear their Orbita work clothes for a complex match on an uneven and muddy field. The core players played part of the choices they had left to continue one more season in the Division of Honor and with the support of their fans put together a very physical game, sparring every meter and without letting go of the missing ball.

Enerside Sciences consolidated their victory in defense and ball control which, due to terminal errors, did not translate into a greater advantage on the scoreboard.

The clash got off to a great start by the locals who were stopped by the Seville defense. The pace of play was high on heavy pitches. In the 12th minute, Biscayan’s team took the lead after a long throw in the middle of the visitors’ court, which crossed the 15-meter touch line, Gaizka Iturriaga-Etxeberría received the ball, surprised the Alami defense and rehearsed. under the sticks. Transformation of Eker Olita.

Enerside Sciences dominated the open match but had problems on the steady stages. Played on the field and in the 29th minute, after a long attack that ended with a penalty kick, Cormac Fox scored 3 goals.

Scholars continued to insist on possession and playing in the opponent’s field. In the 35th minute, after launching the touch in the trash field, a good play by Cormac Fox and Axel Papa culminated in Javi Sosa putting the ball into the opposing goal area. Cormac Fox turned, and hit the first inning with a score of 7-10 on the scoreboard.

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The second half started with a good attacking move for the Intxausti Gernika Group. A kick to follow from a quick defender Estanislao Renthel who put up himself. Transformation of Eker Olita.

The locals were way ahead of the scoreboard but Enerside Sciences made changes and improved on the stationary stages and grabbed the ball. In the 51st minute, Franco Lopez tried after winning a touch kick from 5 meters that he put himself.

The superiority shown by Enerside Sciences in the game did not translate into points. Long offensive plays that did not find any definition. This position was broken in the 73rd minute when, after a touch kick in the Basque field, the striker’s scientific hit advanced several metres, Cocó Roldán took the play out of his hat, escaping from two opponents and a drill. A 14-20 is placed on the scoreboard that will already be fixed.

In the final stage of the match, the Intxausti Gernika Group showed their determination, playing in Sevillian 22, trying with all their might to get back from the match, but the scientists came out with their clothes on, and today was the time to get the match away from the ground and continued the options for fourth place in the rankings The next day.

data sheet

Intxausti Gernika Group: Facundo Llamas, Hanno Syman, Jon Mikel Aboitiz, Aritz Asensio, Marlyn Williams, Francisco Pastor, Reuben Du Plooy, Fagu Malloy, Jokin Eskolar, Iker Olaeta, Gaizka Iturriaga-Etxeberría, E Ruanko Wasserman, La Rín

They also played: Lunel Moreno, Eder Martinez, Agustin Furoria, Itai Maruri, Mikel Zubiarin, Xapir Albizu, Carlos Zavala and Julian Izaguirre.

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Enerside Sciences: Rafa Romo, Juanchi Pérez, Enrique Cuadrado, Genaro González, Woody Kirkwood, Franco López, David Serrano, Sam Wasley, Terry Bouhraoua, Cormac Fox, Declan Barnett, Juan Carrasco, Juan Domínguez, Javier Sosa, Axel.

Also played: Jodi Allen, Nacho Salazar, Oscar Sanchez, Manolo Bobo, Maxim Ermakov, Coco Roldan and Guillo Mateo.

Referee: Mr. Munoz