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Atalanta wins the Europa League over Bayer with a hat-trick from Lookman

Atalanta wins the Europa League over Bayer with a hat-trick from Lookman

Leverkusen, who completely outperformed him, was on the verge of achieving the treble, which would have been the final touch to a similar historic season.

he Atalanta They were declared Europa League champions on Wednesday on a magical night, in the first European final in their history, demolishing a historic Dublin side. Bayer Leverkusen (3-0) And with Nigerian Ademola Lookman An absolute hero, author of a stunning trilogy in which he glorified the Greek goddess embodied in a small football team.

There were 51 consecutive games Leverkusen He didn’t lose. It was a feeling of absolute superiority that the team had Xabi Alonso All season long. It was a historic ‘treble’ for the Aspirin side, who were deservedly the favorites in Dublin for an unforgettable year in which they won the Bundesliga – their first in their history.

but Atalantaa team from the small town of Bergamo, located just 60 kilometers from Milan, in northern Italy, became that precious little irreducible village of Asterix and Obelix, embodied in… Gasperini And LookmanWho wanted to be an exception to write his own story.

Because he reached his first European final and won it. He did so with all possible determination and absolute heroism, A Lookman It will be remembered for generations to come for a dream final that capped off a similarly golden campaign and gave the city of Bergamo an unforgettable title. Anfield victory, the march against the “undefeated” Leverkusen, the “Gasperini era” award that imposed its plan on that of the Tolosa coach. this Atalanta It’s a piece of history.

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It was a whirlwind first half. That Gasperini They accomplished what very few have accomplished this season: obliterating A.J Leverkusen Who, lost, overwhelmed on both sides, unable to overcome the high pressure of the Bergamo players, surrendered in the first half without painkillers.

Specifically, he suffered from the surplus and success of A.J Lookman Who had the dedication match in this duel. Known for his defense in Serie A, he couldn’t have chosen a better display to make his appearance in Europe, with a brace that demolished Xabi Alonso’s fearsome and unbeaten side.

The first in the 12th minute after great team play. The calmness of the Kopmeiners in finding Zappacosta, the back pass of the Italian winger, and the area full of “Nerazzurri” players. This is “Dea” Gasperini, the core of the team who impressed a few years ago with a brazen attack and who now also shines with his solidity in defence. Just the one that Hincapié lacked, completely asleep in the heart of the area and leaving the final touch to the hero of the night.

celebrate GasperiniBergamo celebrated. But for Lookman That wasn’t enough. Benefit from Dokha A Leverkusen Feeling exhausted and cold due to the situation he was going through, the Nigerian decided to score one of the goals of the tournament from his hat. He received him on the balcony of the area and everyone knew that he would be looking for a diagonal door. He threw a beautiful shot at Xhaka and placed it on the long post, unable to be reached by Kovar’s extension.

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The Greek Goddess had a perfect first half, well ahead of the Aspirin side who scored the equalizer at the feet of Grimaldo, but the Spaniard failed to make his identity against Musso clear to the Germans, who appreciated the rest.

It was when Xabi Alonso Touch the first key. Stanisic out in defense and Boniface in attack. Leverkusen’s motto was clear: they had no choice but to keep attacking. But even with these, he was unable to worry Atalanta who combined forces with the ubiquitous Ederson who continued to generate danger on the counter through the unleashed Lookman, with the superior Koopmineers and the supportive Scamaka.

Just the individual quality of Wirtz, Boniface, Grimaldo, and

But the night was not good for anyone in the German team. Not even the symbolic final minutes of Leverkusen In the last matches they managed to appear before the Italian earthquake, pronounced on a richness scale a few notches higher with another masterpiece, the third Lookman. He must have thought the best of the last night. Perfect dribbling, overflowing with astonishing ease in the 75th minute, and a left-foot shot straight into the top corner.

The goal ended the match. Greek Gods Atalanta, which was reincarnated in a small team from Bergamo, became a champion, and expanded its history, achieving the second title in its history after the 1963 Italian Cup, just one week after losing the cup final for the third time in 5 years. It is bittersweet for Leverkusen that, in the same way, and with Dia’s permission, it will go down in history.

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