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Arturo Vidal fell in love with America: “It left me hooked”

Arturo Vidal fell in love with America: “It left me hooked”

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The “King” confirmed that if it were not for Colo-Colo, he would have chosen the scarlet team.

Arturo Vidal returned to Colo-Colo
picture: Pablo Vera/AFP

Arturo Vidal He is living his dream of wearing his beloved Colo Colo's jersey again and in “Cacique” he is seen very happy to be in his city enjoying his final years as a professional footballer.

Although his return to Colo-Colo was uncertain at the beginning of 2024, because he had the possibility of playing for Boca Juniors and america kali, The team that made a huge financial effort to be able to include him in their team, “The King”, explained in an interview with DSports Chile that their priority was always “Kaseke”, but he took off his hat in scarlet as a picture of everything they did to sign him.

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“I shared America de Cali and I loved the way they talked to me. And also the love I received from people in such a short time. They stuck it out and progressed like crazy, the way I like it, because that's who I am. I was very impressed by that, I can't deny that. “I think my decision would have been made by America if Colo-Colo had not existed.” Arturo Vidal said.

Vidal also confirmed that before America he had contacts with Boca, but his mind was always on returning to Chile.

“I was close to Boca, but my goal was to return to Colo-Colo. I was free, and I could make the decision calmly,” Vidal said.

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In this way, Arturo Vidal would still be happy in Colo-Colo, but he made it clear in his heart that he would always take América de Cali, because of the way they fought, something that left him without doubt. Him in love.