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Ari Gameplays responds to Elon Musk after his ambiguous reaction to the famous gamer’s dance

Ari Gameplays responds to Elon Musk after his ambiguous reaction to the famous gamer’s dance

On Monday, February 20th, a unique event occurred on Twitter where Ari gamesplays He was indirectly involved. It turns out that the famous player did a jig for a brand product scanner: headphones with pink cat ears that look “kawaii” (cute) to the whole community; However, the company’s co-founder made a comment that, in turn, sparked a reaction from the billionaire Elon Musk.

In this case, the Mexican, dressed in an eye-catching outfit: a schoolgirl’s blouse and skirt, proceeded to perform some movements without taking them off. a tool. Being a kind of advertising campaign, the CEO did not hesitate to express his surprise and stated that he was about to do almost the same thing, because it is also a challenge for social networks.

Min Liang TanHe is also the CEO of the company scannerHe admitted that his staff tried to force him to dance the same way. There is something he hinted at that would make him sound silly. Neither slow nor lazy Elon Musk He showed himself with a flaming emoji to indicate that the guy is going to look hot, because that’s how he looks Ari gamesplays. In response, he blasted by asking netizens, “How many people would like to see Kitty KrakenRazer dance between @arigameplays and elonmusk?”

Ari Gameplays responds to Elon Musk

Being the direct social networks, he hardly received notification of all the chaos that was going on Min Liang Tan And Elon MuskAnd Ari gamesplays And he didn’t hesitate to release his response, either: “I get you, Elon, I get you.” With this, she implied that yes, anyone in a costume and headphones and dancing like her would look more than hot.

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As expected, the reactions came instantly and many wondered player To ask the businessman to decide to set up the factory Tesla in Nuevo Leon. Others, for their part, were influenced by the Mexican’s interactions with one of the most famous and controversial men in the world. Just remember that the social network in which they expressed their opinion belongs to them.

as part of the game Ari gamesplays He confirmed that outside his house there is one of Tesla’s luxury cars and that he “did not understand anything.” In the end, after the flurry of comments, he had to reveal to his followers and haters that it was a joke: “I was a troll, there is no Tesla. Actually, I’m at the dermatologist and they don’t pass me to my appointment.”

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