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Aranzadi discovers the kiln structure of the Roman baths at Arce

Aranzadi discovers the kiln structure of the Roman baths at Arce

The Aranzadi Science Society Discover Furnace structure of the Roman baths at Artzi has trust Objects related to the daily life of this settlement, such as shards of jugs or earthenware, among other things.

The oven was hero From this year’s archaeological campaign. In fact, it was discovered that it was an important component of the building and that Heat is emitted to the structure called the hipocaustum (heating system). To do so, Aranzade reported in this year’s statement The furnace area and back space are openedThe northern end of the building was identified.

In addition, two main phases identified in the rest of the building were found in the furnace, the first Related to the use of baths (1st-2nd centuries AD) and the second from Reuse of the skeleton of a forge or metal shorthand (3rd-4th centuries AD), explain Oihane Mendizabal, an archaeologist at the Aranzadi Science Society.

Likewise, cut like Fragments of jugs and earthenware vessels, Beside metal objects, including sliver or brooch, or small pieces of glass. A large amount of iron or lead slag also appeared in the furnace area.

Thus, it follows that the thermal collector located in the Artzi will be Very similar to those documented in the thermal complex at Donazaharre / Saint Jean le Vieux (Lower Navarra), located on the northern slope of the Ipanetta Pass, both marked on the edge of the road that will cross the Pyrenees.

This year’s excavations were marked by Artzibar city council support / Valle de Arce Department of Archeology in Navarre government.

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The archaeological site of Artzi is located next to the Roman road that crosses Western Pyrenees, in the present municipality of Arce.

Aranzade Science Society Team Working at this place since 2012 a job Various geophysical surveys and archaeological excavations. Although the site consists of several buildings, the thermal baths are the most researched to date.

Successive archaeological expeditions carried out since 2015 confirmed the results obtained through geophysics, at the same time highlighting the A rectangular building with a length of 20 meters and a width of 8, with 6 different areas inside.

Found in some of these rooms original floors, one made of small bricks set in the shape of herringbone or the other with polished mortar. Likewise, they have binder tiles, belongs to a small mosaic located in the entrance area.

This year was the archaeological excavation campaign From 17 to 27 August. To show the results obtained in the campaign, a Free guided tour on Saturday Responsible for Aranzade and Artzibar City Hall.