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Tech graduate, pioneering volunteer at an international science event

Tech graduate, pioneering volunteer at an international science event

For the third year in a row, the sixth consecutive student Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Digital Arts, from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico State Campus Elena Ramirez, participating in Seagrave, International Conference on Computer Science.

since the sixties sigraph It brings together thousands of computer science lovers in all its possible applications: medicine, space research, physics, programming, industrial processes, animation, presentation, video games, etc.

You go through the aisles and each person brings their name card showing who they are and where they work, and you meet the ‘Google Chief Marketing Officer’ or NASA space researchers,

“One of the things that stands out about this event It’s because of the tremendous sense of community he creates among the attendees And one can meet every year people who are proud that they have been, without fail, every year since the first congress”, Elena shares.

volunteer student

On the volunteer side, it’s not far behind: Student volunteer community (SV) offers students from all over the world the opportunity to attend this conference in exchange for assistance in conducting it.

In addition to meeting students from many different fields, the possibility to meet each other, to create and maintain contacts over time.

“In 2019 this was the first time I attended as a volunteer I went to the conference in Los Angeles and started interviewing students who were also there as volunteers.

“We weren’t a lot of Mexicans; but there were people from the Tec Monterrey campus, mostly international students. It was a very great experience because there were people from all over the world Getting there to help those people who were navigating the conference.”

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Driving skills

Elena is part of art company Since May 2019, the same year he made his SIGGRAPH debut.

As part of the company, he led his first project in the same year, where he was responsible for implementing the Birth of a Christmas event.

Then in 2020, she was part of the company’s “mentors” project, where students like her were preparing to teach courses. He and the SIGGRAPH Team Leaders are currently preparing for this year’s new release.

“As a student volunteer, you can participate in any conferences you want, and yes, it is a very nice environment and you have the opportunity to fully dive into this field of computer graphics. It helps a lot with understanding things that I didn’t even imagine could be done with computers.” commented.

Tech graduate, pioneering volunteer at an international science event

After their first year of volunteering, anyone may apply to become team leader: Student volunteers who guide other students in the tasks assigned to them and are highly involved in organizing both work shifts and some aspects of the conference.

“In my case, this is my third year as a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH, and the first time I have applied for a team leader. For me, SIGGRAPH is where you can look into the future,

“I am very interested in the fields of science, I really like all sciences: If there is some science, space, biology and biotechnology research, I’m happy,” he said.

The number of applicants, both for team leaders and student volunteers, is confidential, although this year and the previous year, both have declined due to the pandemic.

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“For me it is a very important thing because at the moment one of my goals is to increase my leadership skills,” Hinge.

Unforgettable volunteer work

Elena confirmed that it was An unforgettable wonderful experience.

“In the beginning were the nerves: “How am I going to do this?” , but I feel very happy; “It is an honor for me that they chose me and it is a very beautiful feeling,” he added.

Likewise, they extend an invitation to all interested persons and students Tech de Monterrey To participate in these types of conferences, as it has a very important value and the possibility of communicating with people from all over the world.

“I would like to invite anyone who would like to come and ask about SIGGRAPH, all students, and those who want, regardless of their careers, Participate in this volunteering, it is a wonderful experience and you will not regret it‘, he finished.

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