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Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral: If You're Looking for Me, I'm in the Neighborhood, the song that will be released on Karol G's birthday |  February 14 |  celebrity |  Fame

Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral: If You’re Looking for Me, I’m in the Neighborhood, the song that will be released on Karol G’s birthday | February 14 | celebrity | Fame

The controversial relationship between and his new girlfriend, They keep giving what we are talking about in social networks and in the specialized media for international entertainment because what they do or don’t do is cross borders and this time it can’t be less.

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Both urban singers, who met because they were both working on a musical collaboration, have everything ready and about to hit the big run in style. They even have a date for the premiere of the video.

Anuel and Yailin La Más Viral confirmed their relationship through a video clip on social networks in January 2022 (Photo: Anuel AA / Facebook and Yailin La Más Viral / Instagram).

ANUEL AA And YAILIN Most Popular Announces The Premiere Of A Song Together

It all started a few months ago when the two met in Dominican Republic To work in cooperation. It was there that love was born and they began to build what they have today. However, many questioned which song they were supposed to release.

After many twists and turns, they both announced that everything was ready and that the expected premiere was coming, although there were certain details that sparked a lot of controversy.

Through a video posted by the Puerto Rican on his account , the couple is shown dancing and embracing while in the background a part of “If you’re looking for me, I’m in the neighborhood”, topic to be launched.

In the description of the publication, the artist confirms that the video clip will be published on Monday, February 14.

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Controversy with KAROL G

Although most people think that the date chosen by the new couple is for St. Valentine’s day, many realized that it might also be a harsh hint for , the former partner of Anuel AA.

Which February 14th is also Colombian’s birthday, which may be a low blow to her.

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Karol G and Anuel AA ended their relationship in 2021 and earlier this year Puerto Rican confirmed that he is now having a love affair with Yailin La Más Viral.  (Photo: Instagram)
Karol G and Anuel AA ended their relationship in 2021 and earlier this year Puerto Rican confirmed that he is now having a love affair with Yailin La Más Viral. (Photo: Instagram)

Who is YAILIN Most Popular?

Your real name Georgina Guillermo Diaz She is a singer and dancer from the Dominican Republic who is well known in her country, but now she is starting to gain more international fame through her association with Anuel AA, an artist who is already established in different parts of Latin America and the United States.

He is 20 years old, and according to some media reports in his country, he considered studying medicine, but finally decided to have a career related to music. For example, it has themes like “Milk Tank” and “Leather”.

Although he only has 3 videos uploaded to his YouTube channel, he has already done many collaborations with other Dominican singers, with whom he made a name on the local scene in his home country.

in your account InstagramThe singer has more than 1 million followers, and he recently increased the number of his followers after uploading some stories with him Annual AA.

Until a few days ago, there were 700,000 people who followed her on the said social platform.

How was the most popular meeting of ANUEL AA and YAILIN?

At the end of last year, there was talk of a collaboration between the two artists, which was a meeting between them and they instantly crushed, in what could be considered love at first sight.

That was at the beginning of 2022 Anuel AA and Yailin La Mas The virus was caught in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic fueling rumors of a possible link between them, which have already been confirmed.

Was ANUEL AA disloyal to Carol G with YAILIN the most popular?

Rumors of alleged infidelity Anuel AA towards Karol G with Yailin La Más Viral appeared after singerCoughing“I’ll send a message at a party right before we sing.”she has“.

“He got into my relationship and took it from me. But, mom, at the end of the day, if that’s the case with me…”Celebrity said. Many indicated that it was part of the above topic, as an introduction, but other fans saw it as a message for their ex-partner.

In addition, many confirmed this idea, through comments on social networks, when Anuel AA made his relationship with official Yailin La Más Viral Through her account on Instagram, where she appeared in a video with the influencer.

Let them talk about everything… they want. I won’t leave you alone”He wrote in his post on the above social network. In addition, their kissing was recorded in a very explicit manner. While Yailin did the same on her profile, she posted another video with very suggestive lyrics.

YAILIN and ANUEL, who made the first step?

The courtship of Yailin and Anuel gave rise to talk on social networks, where everyone wants to know the most intimate details of their relationship. this is the way tik tokThe musicians decided to solve the doubts of their followers and reveal some curiosity about their love story.

Following the trend of couple videos where various questions are asked such as: “Who was interested first? Who gave the first kiss? Who was the tallest? Who said I loved you first?” It was known that Anuel was the one who took the initiative in the relationship and fell in love with her Yailin “most viral”.

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What is known about Anuel A.’s brother. What is in prison?

Annual AA He was very careful to talk about it brother from the prisoner. The reggaeton player did not mention his name or the reason why he was in prison. What he said was that it was the only thing he lacked to have everything in life.

Let my brother get out of this prison, or else I am happy … I am the first, the concerts are running out, my son is happy, my mother is happy, the only thing my mother needs is for my brother Come on, when my brother is already out, there is my perfect life”He said in an interview with the well-known TV show “Hui Dia” Telemundo.

the Ex-partner of Karol G He first spoke about his close relative in January 2020, when he was in an interview with “I know everythingAt that time, this aspect of the personal life of the star of the urban genre was not known.

“My brother is in prison too. I don’t talk much about it, but my brother is there… He is three years older than me, but we are like twins. One of the things I love most in the world is to be free, but these are things in life. God’s plan is perfect” ., who was also imprisoned after being accused of illegal possession of weapons in Puerto Rico during 2016.

Emmanuel Gazmee Santiago, better known by his stage name Anuel AA, is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper (Photo: Anuel/Instagram)
Emmanuel Gazmee Santiago, better known by his stage name Anuel AA, is a Puerto Rican singer and rapper (Photo: Anuel/Instagram)

Did ANUEL AA ask you to return your KAROL G?

On the other hand, in September 2021Anuel AA sent Karol G to resume the relationship and done through Baga Beach Festival in Mexico. In the video, the Puerto Rican is seen singing a sad song that apparently reminds him of the Colombian star.

“Everyone is so hard, let’s see if Carol listens to it and comes back with me. Let it hear on the moon!” The singer commented, “Singing.”Babalo‘, a heartbreak song.

Anuel AA: Carol G will give him a luxury car like Batman
Anuel AA shared the photos on Instagram with the caption “Karol G gave me a Batman car.”
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