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Another teacher of Cuban sciences

Another teacher of Cuban sciences

Havana, Cuba. Combine two doses of Sovereign 02 In addition to one of the Soberana Plus It has an efficiency of 91.2 percent, announced during the meeting of the government’s temporary working group to confront Covid-19, chaired by the first secretary of the party and the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez.

At the meeting in the Palace of the Revolution, the Director General of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, Ph.D., Vicente Ferez Bencomo, accompanied by the principal investigators on that project, announced this remarkable result for Cuban science.

Diaz-Canel said this achievement demonstrates how difficult it is for our scientists to work in the midst of this very difficult situation.

The Head of State congratulated the Finlay Vaccine Institute and other institutions that participated in this project for the results achieved.

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The Director General of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, Vicente Vérez stated that the announcement of the effectiveness of the scheme, Soberana 02 more Soberana PlusIt happens 415 days after the President of the Republic met with scientists and asked them to get a Cuban vaccine against it SARS-CoV-DOS.

He explained that the effectiveness of 92.2% indicates its ability to prevent symptoms of the disease COVID-19 among the guards.

He pointed out that the result was validated in the third phase of the clinical trial conducted in eight municipalities in Havana, precisely when the strain originally discovered in South Africa was spreading in the capital. (beta), which is considered a “monster” in terms of circumventing vaccines against SARS-CoV-DOS.

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Ferrez stressed that this achievement is a first step on the road and there is still a lot to do in terms of containing the transmission.