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The College of Medicine will cooperate in clinical trials of vaccines

The College of Medicine will cooperate in clinical trials of vaccines

Asuncion National University School of Medicine (a) and Taiwanese company Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation will work together on Phase 3 of a new vaccine against Covid.

The Biotechnology Laboratory signed an agreement with the United Nations University School of Medicine and sponsored by the Embassy of China and Taiwan. Everything will be done under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health.

If all tests pass, Paraguay will have priority for providing biological materials. On this point, Dr. Luis Armois, Planning Director, explained that they are working on the chassis and equipment.

“So far we have not encountered any inconvenience, we have complied with all international search regulations,” he said.

All this is coordinated work with public health authorities, the National Directorate of Health Surveillance and the Expanded Program on Immunization (PAI).

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“This study will be announced. At this time we are doing everything that is documentation. This initial work took three months, and we still have great challenges. Investigations will take place in Asuncion, Central as well as in Ciudad del Este.”

For the study, 800 people will be contacted. “We will be using a surveillance vaccine that has already been used here in Paraguay and around the world, which is the AstraZeneca vaccine with the new vaccine,” he continued.

Persons who participate will have completed their previous studies and close accompaniment. The team working on this study will consist of a multidisciplinary team of researchers, consultants, biochemists, medical staff, and nurses.

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The work will be carried out at the Asunción Clinic and at the facilities of the Tesäi Foundation in Ciudad de Este.

At the 3rd stage of vaccine tolerance, side effects, if painful the next day, are checked for efficacy, immunity and other points.

And the government announced that from next Tuesday, Covid vaccines will be launched for all people aged 35 to 49 and over without any discrimination. On Friday afternoon, one million Pfizer vaccines donated by the United States are expected to arrive, and they will be distributed to all vaccines in the country.