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Anna Gorka’s unexpected message after her departure from Telemundo

Anna Gorka’s unexpected message after her departure from Telemundo

United State.

a few days ago, Anna Gorka He announced his departure from Telemundo After 10 years of successful career in the Spanish restaurant chain United State.

A decision of his own and out of gratitude for all the personal and professional moments with his other great family.

Telemundo SportsShe says it has changed her life, but Anna wants to continue to experience positive and exciting changes in her career.

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Just a week after her passing, the host shared a very revealing and, above all, motivational message for many people.

In it, he tells how he feels after more than a week of leaving the channel, without the daily responsibilities in front of the cameras, and especially what a great life lesson he learned from this initial vertigo.

“It’s only been one week and I already feel comfortable in this ‘discomfort.’” How many people have dared to jump into the unknown? “Say no to fear, smile to possibilities,” said the Honduran, determined and positive about what’s coming on the horizon.

It is still unclear what will happen, but what is not lost is the hope and certainty that new, good and exciting things are coming.

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