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Who is Cristina Pacheco, host of “Here We Should Live”?

Who is Cristina Pacheco, host of “Here We Should Live”?

(CNN in Spanish) — Mexican journalist Cristina Pacheco has died at the age of 82, Canal One TV reported Thursday in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

On December 1, the journalist announced her retirement from public life due to serious health problems.

Cristina Pacheco will be remembered for her career as a writer and journalist, but also because she won the hearts of Mexicans, especially residents of the capital, thanks to her weekly program “Here We Had to Live”, broadcast by Once, where for 45 seasons he walked the streets of Mexico City to tell stories about life. The journal reflects Mexican culture and society. Her informal and up-close interviews with people made her a national television icon and watched by several generations.

In addition, she was the host of the program “Conversando con Cristina Pacheco”, in which she interviewed prominent figures in Mexico in her distinctive style. His guests included writer Juan Veloro, musical group Son Rompe Pera, singer-songwriter Chavela Vargas, and wrestler Místico. This program was implemented in conjunction with the “Here We Had to Live” program.

On radio he participated in programs such as “Voz Pública” on XEQ-AM and “Aqui y Ahora” on XEW.

Who is Cristina Pacheco? Here is a review of his legacy

Cristina Romo Hernandez, known as Cristina Pacheco, was born on September 13, 1941 in the town of San Felipe Torres Mocas, in the state of Guanajuato. He studied Spanish Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). According to his autobiography in Encyclopedia of Literature in Mexico, He began his career in 1960 in the newspapers “Novedades” and “El Popular”, as well as in “Revista de la Universidad de México”. He also collaborated on interviews, chronicles and articles in Siempre! and the newspapers El Sol de México, El Día and La Jornada, and the latter features his column “Sea of ​​Stories”, which he started in 1986.

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In 1977, he made his first appearance on television on Canal One. As a commentator on “It Was This Week” and host of “Anyway Your Name is Juan.” He wrote books such as Sopita de Fideo (1984), The Heart of the Night (1989), Cuarto de Rooftop (1986), and The Lost Works (2013).

During his career he earned a VYears of recognition For his work, among them are the National Journalism Award: in 1985 for Interview, in 1986 for Best Community Service Program, in 1987 for History and in 1987 2018 by profession. In 1988 he received the Latin American Federation of Journalists Award. Rosario Castellanos Prize for Cultural Work for Women in 2012 and Inés Arredondo Fine Arts Prize for Literature in 2022.

Cristina Pacheco married Mexican poet and writer José Emilio Pacheco, hence her last name.

In her farewell speech to television, Cristina Pacheco said: “I will not say, as is always the case, that we will see each other next Friday to continue the conversation. But I will say: we will always be together.”

Some representative episodes of the series “Here We Should Live”

  • “The Secret of the Sound” He introduces us to the person behind the famous sound of trucks passing every day in Mexico City, with a loudspeaker over which the phrase can be heard: “Mattresses are being bought…”.
  • “A visit to hell”a residential complex in the Azcapotzalco district of Mexico City, named after the conditions in which its residents live.
  • “Flying down the Danube”, Basque Restaurant, located in the historic center of the Mexican capital, was founded in 1936 after the migration of two chefs to Mexico.
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