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Daniel Arenas showed how proud he is of his partner, Daniela Alvarez

Daniel Arenas showed how proud he is of his partner, Daniela Alvarez

Daniel Arenas He is an actor and presenter, who has achieved fame at the age of 44 not only in Colombia but also in countries such as Mexico and the United States, where he currently resides in Miami, where he is part of the team of “Hoy Día”, a morning entertainment television program. But, in addition to his success, he also continues to move forward in his relationship with Daniela Alvarez, and now, in times of trouble. At Christmas and New Year, the couple met again and Bumangués showed how proud he was of his partner.

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Arenas has repeatedly explained that although he is a public figure, he prefers to keep the details of his life private. However, his relationship with the former beauty queen was one of the ones that attracted the most attention across the media. Social networks and of course in those posts that they share together do not go unnoticed.

Well, Daniel returned to Colombia, because his brother-in-law, Ricky Alvarez, opened a restaurant in Barranquilla, which he hopes will be successful, and therefore, his family were the star guests, where congratulations from Arenas were not missing. The couple even decided to visit the store a few months ago The broadcaster made its debut in Barranquilla because for work reasons the Bumangués were unable to attend the grand opening, but that was not the only surprise.

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“The Barranquilla store was amazing and beautiful, congratulations.” “At the beginning,” Daniel added, showing a photo of Daniela smiling and hugging one of her sisters, who was wearing one of the clothes available at the former beauty queen's store, where the Pomangio family is also present. She took the opportunity to make sure her sisters looked beautiful with each of her designs.

The truth is that after a series of rumors about their separation, the couple made it clear that they are at their best, and seek to share every opportunity they have in Colombia and Miami. Even in previous interviews, Daniela confirmed that a member of her family Her closest dream is to become a mother for the first time and thus start her family with the broadcaster.