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Luis Silva, Panfilo, celebrates reaching 2 million followers on Facebook

Luis Silva, Panfilo, celebrates reaching 2 million followers on Facebook

Luis Silva, Panfilo, celebrates an important milestone by reaching two million followers on his Facebook account. An achievement that does not go unnoticed and fills him with gratitude towards his loyal fans.

Excitedly, the famous artist shared the news on social media: “Unbelievable! Two million followers on Facebook. I thank everyone, on my behalf and on behalf of my colleague Panfilo. “Thank you very much!” The comedian said.

The scale of this achievement is not surprising, given the influence of Panfilo's personality and his prominent participation in the comedy program “Vivir del Cuento”, which has become a landmark on local television, and enjoys great viewership levels.

Silva's post once again sparked a wave of praise and congratulations for his outstanding work. Followers expressed their good wishes: “Congratulations to both of them, Luis Silva and the great personality of Panfilo”; “Your effort has been reflected, you deserve it!”; “You are an amazing actor, congratulations”; “Congratulations to you and your team, and we look forward to seeing more from Vivir del Cuento.”

Many followers expressed their desire to watch new episodes of this successful comedy program, stressing their enthusiasm for the team’s return to the screen.

Audience expectations are clear, with many comments expressing passion for new chapters of “Vivir del Cuento”. “We are looking forward to seeing more episodes. “We want more panfilo in our lives!” exclaimed one enthusiastic follower, reflecting a desire shared by many.

The most popular comedian in Cuba

This social media milestone not only highlights Luis Silva's unparalleled popularity and personality, but also serves as a reminder of the close connection he has managed to establish with his fans. The praise focuses not only on her acting ability, but also on the authenticity she displays online and on the small screen.

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The virtual community continues to express its unconditional support for Silva and the team behind “Vivir del Cuento.” Comments like “You always make us laugh, thanks for all the genuine humor!” “It's a pleasure to follow you, Louis. You're a real talent,” floods the response section, underscoring the close relationship between the comedian and his followers.

In the midst of the celebration, expectations are rising about the future of the program, and the audience is eagerly awaiting new episodes that will certainly continue to reap successes and bring smiles to Cuban homes and beyond.