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Cubans are highly critical of Linier Mesa after the Santa Maria Music Festival

Cubans are highly critical of Linier Mesa after the Santa Maria Music Festival

Santa Maria Music Festival is already water in the past but questions Linear table by Travel to Cuba And a stay at the Villa Clara Resort during the event with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Yailin in full swing.

a torrent of cash The artist was received first of all From Cuban exile in Miami which describes the singer with double standards for playing with the dictatorship when in the past he was opposing the regime with his songs and even singing for the freedom of the island.

“I laughed at exile, at thousands of Cubans, at political prisoners. I used the anguish of exiled Cubans to become fashionable and acceptable in Miami that bleeds from the wound that never heals. I used opponents who suffered imprisonment and oppression in Cuba in a video for that song that says” Cuba first” (…) I never believed you, show business was seen on your skin. Have you ever cared for a political prisoner, children of a political prisoner, mothers?” Artist Indira Romero wrote on her Facebook page.

Facebook capture / Indira Romero

From Miami, María Elena Alpizar, co-founder of Ladies in White, vehemently attacked the singer: “For this parody of a man named Lenier Mesa, the musical background of ‘Rata de dos Patas’ comes in handy, to which I put the background music for this post Since his arrival in Cuban exile he has been speaking ill of Castro’s communist dictatorship to later go to Cuba as he is, a dirty mouse, to serve as a clean international face, at a music festival; while there are more than a thousand political prisoners and the people are dying of starvation and lack of freedoms.

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Facebook capture / Maria Elena Alpizar

Another Internet user on Facebook said: “Leiner Mesa, I want you to know that for those of us who fight for a free Cuba, you are welcome here in Miami.”

Facebook/Pérez Anisley capture

A video is circulating on the networks these days in which Lenier confirmed at one point that he would go to perform in Cuba when his audience came home after his concert and he had a full fridge.

Although the artist They did not go on stage at the Santa Maria Music Festival And he’s gone to see his sick grandfatherHis presence was more than enough for many netizens to remember these remarks.

Facebook capture / Eliana Hernandez

Not long after, memes fell against him, with some referring to this video, others accusing Lenier of being yet another minion of the dictatorship and expressing great disappointment with the artist.

Capture Facebook / IMeme