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Anna Barbara's father reveals that he suffered abuse from the singer

Anna Barbara's father reveals that he suffered abuse from the singer


For several months there were rumors that Anna Barbara He had an estrangement in his family, specifically with his father, Don Antero. However, everything remained just speculation.

Now, it was the same Antero Ugalde Who came out to confirm that he has enmity with the singer. This was because Anna Barbara did not want to lend her the money she desperately needed.

In an interview for the entertainment program WindowsDon Antero explained that there were different reasons why he was so separated from his daughter.

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Initially, Ugalde stated that he had had some setbacks on his farm, so he went to Ana to ask for a sum of money to cover his household expenses. However, I refused.

“The terrible thing was that there was no rain. He gave me 3,000 pesos a month. I asked him to give me an advance for a year, 36,000 dollars, to buy pasture for the cows, and he told me he didn't have that amount,” said Antero Ugalde, Ana Bárbara's father.

He added: “I regretted their request.” After that he never spoke to me again and I don't think he didn't have the 38,000 I asked for.”

That's not all, Don Antero pointed out in front of the cameras that Ana Bárbara expressed her opinion “very badly” towards her mother, an attitude that surprised him.

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