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Now it is Toni Costa who is reacting after Adamari Lopez's statements about their supposed breakup

Now it is Toni Costa who is reacting after Adamari Lopez's statements about their supposed breakup

On Thursday, the second episode of Ada and Chicki from the show. As expected, his heroes did not skimp on feelings and opinions when talking about the topics of the day.

Including reaction Alia When he sees his parents on TV. One thing led to another and the Puerto Rican ended up mentioning her daughter's father and her supposed breakup with him Evelyn Beltran.

The model reacted hours later with a strong message on her social media sites, and although she did not specify at all that it was for Adamari, what she says and at the time of its publication makes the calculation easy.

Tony Costa.
Jennifer Garcia/Miz Caliente

Now it was Tony Costa Who also posted a clear and direct message. It also doesn't mention names, but it's not necessary. What it reveals leaves the way open to assumptions.

Always respectful, but never understated, the dancer wrote this:

“I will never in my life express my opinion, tell people, laugh, or even laugh at someone else's personal life,” he begins writing on his Instagram stories.

Tony Costa.
AG/Tony Costa

He concluded by saying: “Let us learn to wish happiness for others, and above all, to respect ourselves and not always think about ourselves.”

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In the midst of this exchange of letters, Adamari enjoys her new success in Mexico, which was her home and where she was welcomed with open arms. Will your show be shown there?Who will fall? And he went to introduce it.

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After all, the world is already looking forward to the third episode of Chiquibaby.