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Animal welfare and food: challenges and opportunities

Animal welfare and food: challenges and opportunities

There is a growing interest in improving farm animal welfare based on two main reasons.

  • The first is that consumers are increasingly concerned about this aspect and are demanding that animals are raised properly.
  • Second, there is growing scientific evidence that improved animal welfare translates in many cases into increased productive efficiency of animals.

In recent decades, research in the field of animal welfare has focused, among other things, on defining the concept of animal welfare and laying the foundations for its evaluation and improvement.

There is general consensus that animal welfare involves four main principles:

  • Good nutrition
  • good health
  • Good accommodation
  • The ability to express behavior that is considered normal in each type

If these needs are satisfactorily fulfilled, this will not only allow animals to meet their biological needs, but will also provide them with a positive emotional state essential for their well-being.

Good nutrition is one of the four basic principles of adequate well-being. This is on the basis that it cannot be guaranteed… To continue reading, click on the following link Animal Welfare and Food: Challenges and Opportunities

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