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More than 2,000 Venezuelans attended a two-day meeting on astronomy in Caracas

More than 2,000 Venezuelans attended a two-day meeting on astronomy in Caracas

Caracas, October 14 (EFE). – More than 2,000 Venezuelans attended the First Astronomy and Space Sciences Meeting in Caracas, held from Friday to Saturday in the spaces of the Humboldt Planetarium, with the aim of promoting “observation activities, research, theoretical and experimental studies” in this areas, the government reported today.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which was responsible for organizing this meeting, university professors, academics, specialists, fans, students and the general public exchanged knowledge in various talks and conferences that took place during the two days. . .

Saturday’s annular solar eclipse was among the activities that attracted the largest audience, as special lenses and telescopes equipped with “solar-coupled filters” were handed out and “projected on screens so that citizens can observe the astronomical event.”

The country is now preparing to celebrate, next December, the National Space Science Meeting, in the state of Mérida (west), in order to “spread and enhance the scientific and technological development of astronomy and space science in the country,” according to what was reported by Reuters. To the ministry.

The Science and Technology Portfolio added that next Monday, the Scientific Publishers of the Astronomy Research Center Francisco J. Duarte (CIDA Foundation) and the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE) will conduct an astronomical path through several states, where meetings will be held on this topic. Evie


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