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Angela Aguilar shines in New York in clothes worth thousands, as Rosalia wears |  Photo

Angela Aguilar shines in New York in clothes worth thousands, as Rosalia wears | Photo

Angela Aguilar He keeps adding successes as one of his promises Regional Mexican At the same time it becomes a standard for fashionBecause the singer managed to inspire her fans elegant And expensive outfits that she shows off her beauty on every one of her trips, like her latest one to New York.

Younger than Aguilar dynasty He will visit some cities in the United States as part of his tour.Garibo Without BordersAlthough he uses his spare time to learn more about some places including the Big Apple, which is famous for its hustle and bustle, Fashion and elegance In which important designers left their mark.

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This time the translator “Actually” wore her character statues with a Comfortable look Which gave her a touch of elegance and sensuality that characterizes her so much, as she chose some jeans modified which provide convenience for those seeking more movement to explore.

Sheer top by Angela Aguilar. Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

Although the star of her clothes was tight blouse In black that defines its silhouette perfectly, in addition to the presence of transparent membranes in the neckline area giving it a sensual cut. long sleeves The high neck is part of the brand’s blouse Mugler Which cost a little more 9 thousand pesos Mexicans.

Expensive looks for Angela Aguilar

Mugler is one of the favorite brands of celebrities around the world, such as the singer Rosalia who would have inspired Angela Aguilar by wearing tight gray tracksuits with translucent paper she used for a hardcore photoshoot.

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This is not the first time that Baby Aguilar’s daughter has worn a Mugler dress, because during her trip to Paris Last April, after the scandal of her relationship with JComposer Jussie LauThe singer chose a blouse from the same fashion house to show off her personality.

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Angela Aguilar in Paris. Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

The wardrobe of the “Mexican princess” attracted attention on social networks, as it consisted of luxurious clothes, among which were such brands as GucciGivenchy and Balenciaga are among Angela Aguilar’s favorites.

During that trip in EuropeThe singer showed her undoubted taste for fashion by wearing exclusive clothes and creating elegant looks. The person who stands out is the person who owns a file floral dressAnd a black jacket and shoes that cost a total of about 40,000 pesos.

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