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Daniel Pisogno on Cezia Sainz's win: 'I should never have won'

Daniel Pisogno on Cezia Sainz’s win: ‘I should never have won’

Mexico City.

The Honduras Sesia Sains Raise the name of the country to Mexican reality show winner academy.

Honduran lionessaged 23 years, It was established as a winner in the first place By 1.265 million votes.

Mexican Andres came second with 1.243 million votes, and Ecuadorean Marr came third with 1.2 billion votes.

Although social networks are full of messages of support and congratulations QaisiaNot everyone agrees with the young woman’s victory.

“Ventaneando” drivers They didn’t take long to express their opinion on Mexican talent show winners.

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While they announced the winners note, Presenter Daniel Pisogno asserted that Cecia “never should have won”, She commented that other academics showed “more talent” than the young woman.

After this is his partner Peter alone He emphasized that living too far away, Cesia will not continue her career as a singer. “If you were to stay in Honduras, nothing would happen, what would you do?“, He expressed Single.

Daniel Pisogno interrupted him and said “And here (Mexico) no … Well, in the end it’s the audience who decidesHe also added that Mar Rendon “has more elements to be a star.”

Along the same lines, Bisogno mentioned that Nelson He also had the opportunity to be the first place in Aztec TV program.

Look at the program:

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