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Andrés Hurtado: Driver Producer Had An Uncomfortable Moment Live After Excessive Complaints From “Chipulin” | Pan American TV | Peru TV | videos | nvb | Job offer

Andrés Hurtado had a birthday surprise during his last program, but he wasn’t satisfied with what the staff had prepared. He commented, “It’s disrespectful.”

Was not expected. Andres Hurtado He celebrated another year of his life with his regular staff. In connection with the important ceremony, “Saturday with Andres“He prepared a pleasant surprise for him without imagining that the famous presenter would not take it well. A small cake and a small decoration is what made her famous.”ShipulinThey described the details as “ridiculous”. So, later on, his producer claimed this fact.

Although he initially thanks him for the small gesture, he stresses that in previous years he had received better things, such as a five-story cake. The comments voiced by the Panamericana TV personality stunned the producer, who could not hide his annoyance at the live complaints. Despite this, he took it in the best way and responded to it. “The truth, Andres, is that I forgot your saint,” he explained.

Andrés Hurtado disparages Melissa Paredes’ “Préndete”.

Andres Hurtado is not a fan of the new Panamericana. The presenter of the program was asked about his opinion on “Ignit It” and his answer was very direct. “Which channel is it from? (The drivers are Carla, Mitici and Melissa Paredes). Well then? I don’t know (…) I imagine it… What is it? Is it a program? Is it going to be released on cable?”

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