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Miss Universe Relinquishes Miss USA Title: Who Will Replace Her?

Just days after one of the most controversial beauty pageant renditions took place, R’Bonney Gabriel She announced that she would abandon her obligations as Miss USA to devote 100% to her new duties as the new Miss Universe.

Also given the business woman’s decision influencers Only 28 years old, and doubts about who will replace her have not waited, R’Bonney took the opportunity to announce the name of the new model, who will have the task of continuing commitments as Miss USA.

According to the international media, Gabriel was going to resign because he would no longer be able to fulfill his Miss USA obligations. This is because of the new responsibilities she has as Miss Universe. The laws of the Miss USA pageant state that the winner must exhaust an agenda after her coronation, which includes various trips and activities in the United States.

This resignation comes after criticism and accusations of fraud in the national competition. Days after the current Miss Universe was chosen as Miss USA, her companions express their disapproval, asserting that everything was arranged so that the Texas representative would be the winner that night.

Who will be the new Miss USA?

After the producer in charge of the competition released the news, the model was also detailed Morgan RomanThe 25-year-old, who finished second in the competition, will be the one to replace R’Bonney Gabriel. The coronation took place on January 27, 2023, with Morgan already taking over as the new Miss USA.

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