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Amelkimon: Scientific content is available to all readers

Amelkimon: Scientific content is available to all readers

The initiative promoted by ULagos academics also calls on students to spread knowledge in a simple way.

One innovative initiative focused on being a space for scientific publishing is Amolkimon “Science in Your Words”, which was born out of the Department of Health and Department of Basic Sciences of the University of Los Lagos.

Its goal is to be able – periodically – to publish relevant scientific topics, but in a simple way that reaches all audiences, without losing the scientific nature and accuracy of the information mentioned.

This is explained by the three academics responsible for promoting this project that they want to extend to students and academics not only on the Osorno Campus, but soon also in other universities and locations.

The requirements are that students review a scientific news story from this year, that it be from an indexed journal to ensure the quality of information being presented, and that they be able to translate it into simple words while maintaining critical thinking of the article. They are also encouraged to learn about the scientific method and search for information.“, Indicates Rocío San Martín, Biotechnology Engineer, PhD in Obesity, ULagos Academy.

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