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Prestige at the 1st Patagonia Forensic Sciences Symposium: an informational and interinstitutional meeting

Prestige at the 1st Patagonia Forensic Sciences Symposium: an informational and interinstitutional meeting

Last Wednesday afternoon, the first “Symposium on Forensic Sciences in Patagonia” was held with great success, an initiative jointly organized by the Medico-Legal Service and the Regional Secretariat of Justice. The ceremony was attended by a number of parties related to the field of justice and security.

Regional Minister of Justice, Michelle Piotat, highlighted the importance of this symposium, as it is the first of its kind in the Patagonia region. He noted that cooperation with institutions such as the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, the Police and the Gendarmerie of Chile, among others, was necessary to hold this meeting.

President of the Court of Appeal Carolyn Turner He highlighted the importance of discussing the importance of scientific evidence and the characteristics it must have in order to be reliable. He thanked the presence of the police forces that mainly cooperated in these matters.

The Governor of Magallanes, Colonel Max Soldan, expressed his gratitude for the invitation to receive training in forensic techniques, Pointing out the importance of this knowledge for the police participating in investigation operations.

Inspector Mauro Mercado, national head of the PDI’s Forensic Sciences Division, confirmed that the Chilean investigative police It is based on science and methodologies developed in accordance with the requirements of prosecutors and investigators.

The National Director of the Medico-Legal Service, Marisol Prado, expressed her honor in starting this symposium in the Magallanes region, Highlighting the importance of presenting the development of the service in the field of ADN and the experiences that have been achieved using this technology.

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The symposium will be held at CADI UMAG and will conclude on Thursday. This event stands out not only because of the valuable information exchanged, but also for promoting inter-institutional cooperation in the field of forensics in the Patagonia region.