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always on top!  Albert Pujols stars in MLB's Play of the Year

always on top! Albert Pujols stars in MLB’s Play of the Year

MLB has announced its top 100 traditional games with the best plays for the 2022 season, Those who made baseball fans around the world shake, Albert Pujols took first place With his 700th home run.

Being only the fourth player in history to hit 700 home runs is such a milestone and that’s why he couldn’t be in another position. Dodger Stadium’s legendary slugger rose to the top not only among his best plays, but also one of his most memorable moments. The excitement of baseball.

The night of September 23, 2022 was special for Pujols and for all those who watched the game between San Luis and Los Dodgers, because in the third inning the Dominicans had already hit their 699th home run, so that in their next inning they would be last. Reach the legendary figure.

The Dominicans were present at the top of the standings for best plays, leaving Aaron Judge’s 62 home runs in second to set a new American League record, for home runs in a season. Judge broke Roger Maris’ record after 61 years.

In third place was Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera, precisely in the role in which he had the 3,000th hit of his career in the Major Leagues.

The fourth square corresponds to Chas McCormick’s ninth-inning catch of Game Five of the World Series to preserve the one-run lead.

To close out the top of the most exciting plays, it was the World Series hero again, this time in Game Six, in Yordan Alvarez’s home run with a 450-foot touchdown run to give the Houston Astros an advantage, who ended up winning 4-1.

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