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Alejandra Espinosa’s face is paralyzed


Anibal Marrero, Alejandra Espinosa’s husband, gave details of the former queen’s health.

faithful followers Alejandra Espinosa They did not stop praying for the speedy recovery of the hostess of Nostra Belleza Latina, after it was revealed that she was hospitalized for two days in a Miami hospital, after suffering A crisis in your health, with symptoms similar to the symptoms of Apoplexy.

And although on Thursday the former beauty queen underwent several checks to determine what really happened to her, the caller’s husband shared disturbing details about the condition of his son Mathieu’s mother.

The choreographer addressed a letter to Francesca LaChapelle that he read on Thursday on the TV show Despierta América, in which he stated that Alejandra’s pains that drove her to the hospital included blindness and facial paralysis.

“Basically she has been feeling bad for weeks now. In fact, he put it on social media. Three days ago he lost a little vision in one of his eyes, part of his right face was paralyzed, along with dizziness and severe headaches,” was Marrero’s message explaining his wife’s condition.

The dancer, who received multiple expressions of affection, warned that although all the signs initially showed a picture of a stroke, the tests she underwent Univision star They have shown that the brain is fine.

“We immediately took her to the hospital, the doctors told her she had a mini-stroke. They started a thousand scans and a thousand studies, and nothing came out of them all. On the contrary, everything is fine (with tests) contradicting the diagnosis, so they continued to Do a thousand tests, because they don’t show what it is,” Marrero said.

The dancer, with whom Alejandra Espinosa celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary last September, added that his wife is currently still undergoing further tests to determine the cause of vision loss and mouth twisting.

“She’s fine. His mouth turned a little and lost a little of his eyesight. He was resting. Right now, they’re doing three more search and disposal tests. In essence, we still don’t really know what’s wrong with him,” concluded Marrero.

Despite the pain caused by what was happening with his wife, the Puerto Rican was confident that everything would have a positive outcome and showed that everything is in God’s hands.

“It has been very difficult for me as the head of the household and for Mateo, but God is great and in control. He will be with us soon,” Anibal said with great optimism, in a message he shared on Instagram.

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