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Raul congratulated the University of Medical Sciences of the Royal Army (+ video)

University of Medical Sciences in the Royal Army. Photo: Facebook / Jose Angel Portal Miranda

General Raúl Castro Ruz congratulated the workers and students of the University of Medical Sciences of the Royal Army On the occasion of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of this educational center for higher education.

Raul Castro noted in his letter that professionals of a higher political, ideological, technical and scientific level graduated from this postgraduate center.

He said that these graduates guarantee medical insurance for hospitals and military units, in addition to achieving important international and cooperative missions in dozens of countries.

Today is the time to highlight the work carried out in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, fully support the delivery to our military hospitals, isolation centers and RFA units and in carrying out all the tasks assigned to them, both from assistance and from confirmation, Raoul wrote.

National television reported that the university trains specialists in the professions of medicine, dentistry and health technology, in addition to offering postgraduate studies.

The educational institution has also been distinguished by the Barrio Prize, awarded by the National Directorate of Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, the largest mass organization in the country.

For its part, the Center handed over the commemorative stamp of the memory to the leaders and personalities who contributed to its development and the privileged service of the Rwandan Armed Forces to officers and students.

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda, confirmed that the University of Medical Sciences of the Royal Army has always been a mainstay of Cuba’s national public health system. He emphasized on his personal Facebook page, where he noted that solidarity, humanity and morals are the principles of Cuban medicine, and of course our army is medicine.

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Video, the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Medical Sciences in the Royal Army

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