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Ala is showing off her skills and criticism is pouring out on Adamari Lopez

Ala is showing off her skills and criticism is pouring out on Adamari Lopez

I wrote in Famous People The

Adamari Lopez With his best travel buddy, his daughter Alaa CostaAnd the They are enjoying their summer vacations in Europe to the fullest and as always they keep all their fans updated on their journey through their social networks.

On this occasion, the charismatic “Hoy Día” presenter showed the first video of Alaa She registered herself for her Instagram account. The little seven-year-old caught the attention of all her followers as she showed how skilled and strong she is.

“Learning to Record My Adventures”Alongside a video clip in which she is seen climbing a wall with the famous song from the movie “Mission Impossible” in which she shows that she has great strength in her arms and legs.

Although the clip sparked many positive comments due to the tenderness with which the young girl showed her skills, her famous mother was also criticized for Alaa recorded the video and climbed the wall in a dress.

At the beginning of the clip, she was a daughter Tony Costa He squats to start recording and when he gets up and turns to go to the wall, his underwear shows.

Netizens blame it Adamari Lopez For this neglect they considered the dress to be a somewhat inappropriate outfit for their video recording.

“aDamari wears the pants on the girl under the dressshows underwear and there are many people with bad intentions on the networks”, and “The next video that the mother wears shorts so you are more comfortable, my love”, were some of the comments I left on the “Blog”.

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These days, Puerto Ricans are in Rome, Italy, with members of her family, friends, and colleagues from gallery business such as Carla Monrogue and Johnny Lozada.

Watch here the video of Adamari Lopez’s daughter Ala: