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“Sleepers”, Robert De Niro y el padre Rogelio Cruz

From the Last Seat – “The Sleepers”, Robert De Niro and Father Rogelio Cruz

Netflix included in its catalog “Sleepers” (1996, 147 min), an American film directed and written by Barry Levison. It’s starred Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman, Vittorio Gassman and other valuable actors. It is adapted from the novel by Lorenzo Cartera, one of those who took part in an unforgettable event that took place in Manhattan. I always recommend this movie for the veracity of its script, the brutality of its subject matter and the way some episodes have transcended to the present. Plus, despite her extravagant shots, she gives us an unforgettable moral and courageous speech.

One of her scenes still brings back memories of the Dominicans. It happens when Father Bobby (played by Robert De Niro) goes to the basketball court to play with the neighborhood guys, even though he’s actually taking advantage of the game to confess to them. These young men do not go to church, let alone kneel before God’s representative to inform God of their sins and seek apparent forgiveness.

The father’s way has always caught my attention Roger Cruz To command and direct the then-conflicting society Christ the King. The priest greeted me in a modest outbuilding adjacent to his parish. There he was kept in the archives of families in the Strip. And in other volumes, there were files lined with documents about troublesome youth, as well as about children with school problems. In short, he knew the people of the community like the back of his hand.

At one time, he suspended the interview, because he had to go to the confession center. But his new clothes surprised me: a T-shirt and track shorts. He invited me to follow him. Away from the game, he explained to me the reasons for that trick. “Playing with them, I find out what they are planning and I can advise them not to get in trouble.”

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That story reminded me today of a scene fromthey sleep‘, and the sweaty figure of Robert De Niro, a religious community leader, shooting baskets while at it He advised young people to forget about their adventures.

The Barry Levinson movie is still on Netflix. Hope you can enjoy it.