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Al Masora presents eight workshops to improve the well-being of youth after COVID

Al Masora presents eight workshops to improve the well-being of youth after COVID

Varosha Town Hall Shows Eight workshops to improve the psychological well-being of young people under the slogan (Illustrated Regime). The program, contracted by the Youth Department in association with the National Positive Psychology Association, is based on positive empowerment and personal growth. Sessions, scheduled for every Tuesday from February 22 to April 12, both included, will take place in the Contory Training Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The coronavirus pandemic is at the origin of this initiative which will address the emotional management of this segment of the population in eight sessions. Attendees will find a support group to address the importance of physical activity, the function of sleep, the importance of humor, relaxation techniques and tips for learning how to buy healthy food, among others.

Those between the ages of 12 and 30 can register for free until February 27 through the Youth Department of the Walled City Council, or through the link ‘https://positivat.com/formacion/Through these workshops, the Federation seeks to make young people realize the personal strengths of each one and to discover the emotional states they feel at all times to take care of themselves and improve their psychological well-being.

This initiative aims to increase the personal skills of young people, guiding them in their personal and professional growth, as well as providing them with resources with scientific evidence that they can follow in their daily lives to improve their physical, mental and social health. All sessions will be taught by professional psychologists who are experts in each topic, with agile methodologies useful in implementation. Through it, the program will seek to physically and psychologically revitalize the attendees through the four-dimensional model of well-being (sports, diet, rest and pleasure).

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Youth Counselor, Maria Luisa Renau, noted that “our young people are mentally exhausted in the difficult times caused by the epidemic that they have experienced in recent years, and from the city council we want to provide them with the necessary tools to improve their psychological well-being.” The mayor added that “the activities of the eight workshops are practical and adapted to the needs of this sector of the population.”