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UPC warns that limiting technology at ESO could exacerbate gender gap in scientific professions

UPC warns that limiting technology at ESO could exacerbate gender gap in scientific professions

  • The topic goes from 210 hours to 105 from 1 to 3 and disappears as an optional fourth

Draft new syllabus for primary and ESO raises concerns not only in schools and institutes, but also in the USA College. One of the topics that lose hours in ESO is technologyto. From 1 to 3 ESO, it goes from 210 hours to 105. On the fourth ESO, when it was optional with 105 hours, it disappears. In its place, there is a novelty, with 70 hours, optional digitization.

From Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) They warn of the impact of this reduction in the number of hours for degrees such as engineering, computer science and telecommunications, not only for male students in general, but for female students in particular.

This was explained by the UPC Dean, Daniel Crespo. “STEM jobs have a very significant gender gap. It is important for schools to make technology visible, accessible to girls. Studies show that girls decide what they are interested in or disapproving of at the age of 9-10 and in general they show a lot of rejection of the subjects Technological If technology disappears from high school, it will be difficult to correct the gender gap later, warns Crespo.

The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at UPC thinks the same, Joseph Fernandez. “Girls are already having a hard time dealing with technology. If the subject is excluded, a large percentage of female students will be missing out,” he warns.

also from Vocational trainingJesus Martin (UGT) He lamented that “hours are wasted which was very efficiently useful for technological training”, which is so necessary in today’s society. In Martin’s view, the theme of technology serves to “awaken early careers” and “awaken a passion for technology without a gender gap.”

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It includes the new draft curricula, for both primary and ESO as well as for the baccalaureate, as one of the main vectors Gender Perspectivean approach that, according to the authors of the curriculum, should permeate the entire educational system.

STEM needs for girls

In the UPC there is only one 29% girls. “How do we reverse this?” The rector asks himself to answer that “Girls should see at a young age that technology is fun and interesting, that it allows them to have fun and do things and see that they work and that is very interesting”

There are many ramifications of this gap. For example, computer applications are mostly developed by men, logically with a masculine mindset. “We need women. Technology is something for everyone, for men and women” claims Crespo.

social repercussions

Reducing technology hours can have an impact on a social level. “We are one technology community. The potential, limits, and risks of technology must be explained to children.

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Crespo regrets that if a country is committed to technological progress, it will not be reflected in the school curriculum. “It is essential that there are people who are interested in technology, that they are trained & rdquo;. In addition, he claims that technological training is today the most powerful social elevator. “Labour demand is high and graduates achieve significant levels of responsibility and salaries,” says the president of the Patriots Union. Congolese.” I don’t quite understand that you want a hand The most productive economy On the other hand, they are turning their backs on technology at ESO” Fernandez adds.

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Since the resume is still in the draft stage, maybe something can be modified. Or centers can decide to allocate a portion of the set of hours they have to complete. Another option is for technology to be a part of Reviewed projects. “If there is a balance and if these projects include an appropriate technology component, it may be an option,” says the rector.