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Advances efforts to restore the university president’s office and expand the health sciences

Advances efforts to restore the university president’s office and expand the health sciences


Advances efforts to restore the university president’s office and expand the health sciences


Accompanied by Deputy Iparraguirre, the President of UNICEN met with the National Minister of Public Works, to proceed with the restoration work of the directorate building and to resume the expansion of the Faculty of Health of Olavarría.

Accompanied by Deputy Tandil Rogelio Ibarraguere, UNICEN Dean Marcelo Aba met Wednesday in Buenos Aires with the Minister of Public Works of the Nation, Gabriel Cattopodes, with the aim of advancing the restoration work of the historic Directorate building (Tandil) and resuming the expansion of the Faculty of Health Sciences (Olavaria).

“The aim of the meeting was to raise the request for the restoration of the directorate building, a work in which we have been working with great expectations, which will not only contribute to the restoration of our administrative building, but will also mean a contribution to the preservation of the architectural heritage of Tandil,” summed up the rector of the university. “Our proposal was very well received, and I suppose it was a commitment on the part of Minister Kattopodis,” he added.

Let us remember that the Palace Hotel was on that corner, built by the Santamarina family in 1910 and opened in 1919. On several occasions, specialists have pointed out the importance of restoring that space as a living history of the city, carrying out the related works of leaving part of the building as seen by those who They went through important social events from the moment it opened.

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At the same time, Aba added that one of the items on the agenda during his ministerial visit is to advance administratively to achieve “the resumption of work in our Faculty of Health Sciences, at our university premises in Olavarria”. “We agree with the minister on the need to move forward with what is necessary to resume work in the health sciences, which is another of the needs of our current building, and before which the minister expressed optimism about the possibility of doing so at the earliest,” the university president closed.

It must be remembered that it is about building 4 thousand square meters of work in the Faculty of Health Sciences, based in Olavaria, through renovations and expansions set in the traditional railway clinic of Cement City.

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