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Disfruta de una experiencia completa de salud y bienestar

Enjoy a complete health and wellness experience

“The sea heals everything”The philosopher Plato said in his texts. Which is that using the healing properties of seawater was really a thing Common in ancient Greece as a source of health.

Various studies show The benefits that sea water brings to people’s health. In addition, it is estimated that it focuses on as many as 80 essential elements to contribute to it Activate the immune system and protect our bodies Against viruses, bacteria, low defenses and pathogens.

References for health tourism at the European level

The thalassotherapy It is a recognized medical treatment based on The healing virtues of sea water. This technology uses seawater, as well as other marine elements – mud, mud, algae – to improve people’s health, always under medical supervision and applied in facilities suitable for this purpose, with qualified personnel.

This technology was introduced in Spain in 1963 thanks to Dr. Joaquin Farnos, pioneer of functional rehabilitation and thalassotherapy. in this way, Palacet Thalasso Hotel & Clinic had become A leading center in the use of this treatment technology in Spain.

Since then, Palasiet has become the leading center for thalassotherapy in Spain and One of the oldest medical tourism in this way at the European level. “Our integrated concept emphasizes that, for this, It just takes a personal commitment, help and inspirationWith the aim of having greater physical and emotional well-being”, highlight the clinic resources. Palasiet is also a comprehensive wellness center that offers a full catalog of programs for the overall improvement of the individual in terms of physical but also emotional, has a modern clinic equipped with the best services and technology, great quality Facing Benicassim Bay and a food show that aims to successfully complement health improvement programs with healthy cooking workshops.It also offers outdoor activities such as yoga, pilates, aqua training and walking with a personal trainer.At Palasiet, it is possible to change habits by having the tools to carry on, once it is over Accommodation, to a healthier life.

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Palasiet has become the leading center for thalassotherapy in Spain. DE

Palasiet is known worldwide as one of the best centers in Europe for weight loss and anti-obesity, with a high success rate. Relaxation, anti-stress, physical and sports injury recovery programs are an essential part of the Palasiet program catalog.

Customized programs based on the Palasiet . philosophy

Palacet Thalasso Hotel & Clinic she has More than fifty years of experience in which it has successfully contributed to improving the health of its guests, through various Custom software which are based on The five pillars that make up it Palasiet . philosophy: Thalassotherapy, natural remedies, medical treatments, nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance.

For this center has A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals Technique – Made up of Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Personal Consultants, Beauticians, Thermo Technicians, Chefs and Chefs – they guarantee Correct compliance with each treatment programSo that it adapts to the needs of the guest.

All this to ensure that the stay of its guests is as efficient as possible, with Best facilities and inspiring environment To rejuvenate the body, revitalize the mind and restore vitality.

Specialized Medical Treatments

The medical team, after analyzing the personal needs of our patients, diagnoses and prescribes the indicated treatments using Electromedical treatments and deviceswhich will help – along with creating new life habits To achieve the goal for which he came to Palasiet.

Palacet’s medical team uses electromedicine treatments and equipment. DE

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Laser therapy, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, radiofrequency, pressotherapy, electrical stimulation, microwave, pulsed light, shock waves, infiltration and mesotherapy, the latest equipment for pain treatment and determining muscle tone, LPG and Cyclone among others, are included in the catalog of service .


During their stay, Palasiet guest assumes the importance of eating good food for health and benefiting from the effects it produces Follow a healthy and adequate diet about the organism. The goal is to stimulate and stabilize the metabolism.

for this reason, Palasiet pays special attention to nutritionto achieve the optimum condition of each person, improve their vital quality and achieve healthy habits that will last over time.

nutrition Palasiet follows the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, which represents much more than simple nutritional guidelines and is, by its very nature, a rich and healthy diet. “The products we use are seasonal and local, that meet their maximum characteristics, and strive for a healthy, appealing experience in terms of aroma, flavor and presentation. It’s all about eating quality and attractivenessbut always according to healthy intake standards,” they explain from the center.

Your stay at Palasiet is the beginning of a permanent change and your commitment is Provide guests with all the support and tools To continue, in their daily lives, the process of their transformation. In this way, during the training period, the guest attends conferences, workshops, cooking classes, preparing menus and recipes, as well as personal follow-up that begins once the stay is over and favors a change of life in the usual environment.

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Physical activity

The effect of exercise, along with diet and other thalassotherapy techniques and medical treatments, is of vital importance in all programmes. The Workouts designed by Palasiet Aiming to improve basic metabolism, balance, coordination, flexibility, resistance, speed and strength, in a completely customized way, discovering the type of activity and intensity needed for each guest.

“We suggest planned, structured and personalized training to achieve individual goals, Meet everyone’s needs. Fitness and cognitive stimulation programs complement the physical and emotional recovery activity of our clients,” highlights sources from the center.

emotional balance

Finally, to overcome the challenge and achieve the desired goals, it is necessary to find an inner balance.

in this way, Palasiet helps with goal settingRemoving barriers and identifying changes in manageable steps. To do this, it has a multidisciplinary team

Palasiet forms, as well as a series of techniques and activities that will help in this process (stress management techniques, meditation, relaxation, yoga, conversations with specialists).

Palacet Thalasso Hotel & Clinic It is located in Benicàssim (Castellón), in an idyllic setting surrounded by gardens, grounds and trees. She also has very special sitebetween Benicense Bay and Parque Natural del Desierto de las Palmas.

Among its facilities, with More than 2,700 square metersIncluding a 36°C seawater pool with water beds, cervical and lumbar jets and various types of Jacuzzi. In addition, it also includes a Finnish sauna, steam bath, and Turkish bath.

Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel is ideally located in Benicàssim (Castellón). DE