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Adriana Laffan, the “Carousel” actress who fulfilled her dream of experiencing success as Menudo

Adriana Laffan, the “Carousel” actress who fulfilled her dream of experiencing success as Menudo

Adriana Laffan admitted that her role in Carousel was one of the most satisfying roles of her life. (YouTube capture)

In her long career as an actress, Adriana Laffan has participated in some of the most successful productions of recent decades in Mexico, such as “Destilando amor”, “El Derecho de Nacer” and “Cachún Cachún ra ra!”.

But, without a doubt, her most famous role was that of Luisa, Palillo’s mother, in the children’s series Carousel, which aired in 1989 and 1990 and became a national hit.

A few years ago, in an interview, the actress, who died on November 1, 2023, mentioned that although this was not her most challenging role, it was the role that gave her the greatest satisfaction.

“It brought me so much love, so much joy, and so much satisfaction. It took me almost two years of recording the novel and a year of touring the Republic. It was a success I never imagined seeing. I remember that when I was younger, I watched Menudo concerts are in halls with three or four thousand people, and I wondered what it would be like to work in front of so many people?

After recording “Carrusel”, the cast members toured extensively throughout Mexico and other countries. After that, Adriana was able to find out what the Menudo members felt.

“In Puerto Rico we played six shows, and at each show, there were 17,000 people. It was a gift that life gave me.”

His experience in the “shadow of the other”

Although “Carousel” had a very special place in Lavan’s heart, her biggest challenge as an actress came years later, in 1996, with the antagonistic role in “The Shadow of the Other”, for which she had to climb up to 30 kilograms. of weight. Weight to meet personal requirements.

“The possibility of me aspiring to a hero or a central antagonist was not that easy,” he admitted in the interview.

So, when she found out that producer Julissa was considering playing the villain “Betsy Corcuera de la Riva”, she decided to do her best to get the role.

The novel’s writer, Carlos Olmos, was not sure that Adriana was the ideal actress for that character, so the actress decided to gain weight.

“I thought, if Robert De Niro in Raging Bull had put on, I think, 15 or 20 kilos, why wouldn’t I? Of course, what I didn’t take into account was that Robert De Niro who works in Hollywood had a nutritionist, a trainer. “He was a doctor, and he was very careful.”

Recordings for the series were delayed for approximately three years, during which time Adriana became pregnant and became a mother for the second time. Finally, she was able to impress Cobos and took the role that would eventually give her international recognition as an actress.

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