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Adele has broken her silence about her famous photo at an NBA game that became a viral meme

Adele has broken her silence about her famous photo at an NBA game that became a viral meme

Adele provided details about the night she was photographed at an NBA game that resulted in viral memes (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports Instagram/Adele)

During his stay in Las Vegas Adele Share the story behind one of the most popular memes. The photo in question comes from her attending the NBA All-Star Game a few years ago, where she was caught on camera with an expression of obvious displeasure while sitting on the edge of the court with her boyfriend. Rich Paul. Adele revealed that her gesture was because the NBA film crew responded to her request to leave her alone.

Adele shared that before the event, the film crew asked her if they could record her during the broadcast. The singer, who preferred to keep a low profile due to her lack of fame, politely declined the request. However, against her wishes, he was photographed anyway. In response, Adele chose not to interact with the camera and instead looked around the court, avoiding direct eye contact.

“Remember those viral memes where I looked like I didn't care? I'd like to give some context to this meme. I know it sounds crazy, but I really don't like being famous., TRUE? Obviously I know I'm sitting on the court at a basketball game, whatever. But Rich (Paul) was working the room and talking to the players and other people. I was fine. I didn't care. I was there alone, looking for him Michael Jordan“Honestly,” Adele shared.

Adele admitted that those famous photos and videos made her upset because the NBA film crew did not respect her decision not to be noticed (Image source: TNT)

“Then the photographers approached me and asked me twice. They said, ‘Do you mind if we record you? Can we put you on screen?’ And I said, ‘Please, no. I just canceled my residency in Las Vegas. I don’t want to go on camera.’ They came back and filmed me.” (…) I just wanted to give a little context. Because he neglected to look anywhere but at the camera. I was very upset because I asked not to be photographed. Plus, my face is very distinctive. I can't help himThe singer explained to her fans in the city that never sleeps.

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Additionally, Adele addressed comments about her physical appearance in the meme, specifically about her lips, which many followers thought looked particularly thick. translator rolling in the deep He confirmed that he did not resort to plastic surgery to correct it, and that his disgusted grimace made his face look different.

Adele also claimed that she did not undergo any plastic surgery to thicken her lips, but her anger made her face look different. Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

“I have naturally big lips…I don't need fillers. The reason she looked like a different person was because she was frowning. Because I said: These scoundrels are back and they are recording me against my will.

Adele used her stay in Las Vegas to strengthen her relationship with her fans. This is through stories in which the singer reiterates her human side and her discomfort with the idea of ​​being a pop star. In one of her recent performances, Adele noted that she had to confront her fear of the London Underground, which she developed after the 2006 attacks.

The artist had to dress so as not to be noticed, but the experience made her remember her life before she became one of the most successful singers of the 21st century.

Adele revealed to her fans in Las Vegas that she has not taken the London Underground in about 20 years (Photo credit: Reuters/Peter Chibura/File Photo, Instagram/@jjs.transport.photography)

“My appointment required me to do all my hair and makeup. So I got the 'Adele the Diva' look.” I arrived on the subway with a mask on. I had a lot of security guards and some friends with me, but no one noticed us and I felt at home. I got to the O2 and had to pass through thousands and thousands of people. People started to recognize me then, but I ran out of time. I wasn't even afraid to be on the subway. I loved it. It reminded me of my teenage years“.

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